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Warmest regards to Fatty from Tucson for spotting this beer label (if anyone knows where to get Fat Tire in Swindon or Oxford please get in touch)


It has been a good run — one of nearly 6 years, nearly 1300 different pubs, a few marathons and a bunch of halves (and shorter races), good entertainment, fulfilling work, and a couple of laughs.  But, it is over … at this address, anyway: I’ll continue on in much the same vein at the Endless British Pub Crawl (continues) but this site will just be an archive for the first 1292 pubs and memorial to itself and a lot of ill-advised fun that went into gathering the material herein.

EBPC1 hits 2015-01-03

I want to do a retrospective of this blog’s 6 years but it deserves better than what you have before you.  Them’s the breaks…here it is in tedious detail.


In 2177 days, there have been 2537 posts.  Of those, 1292 were specifically for 1st time pub visits, 367 were for last year’s Daily Tipple (with added Haiku), 210 have been for the Chippy Challenge and the Kebab Challenge, and 169 were for the 2012 Yellow Beer Challenge.  The remaining 499 involved running, mocking the serious beliefs of others, laughing at the weak, bitching and moaning about one thing or another, obituaries, and other things that serve to strengthen my bona fides of Britishness.  According to WordPress, these pages have been visited just over 350,000 times…get a life, losers.


Most frequent pub names so far (and how many of each):

43 Red Lions
24 Crowns
22 Ploughs
19 (tie) Bells, White Harts
15 Greyhounds
14 (tie) Black Horses, King’s Arms, Queen’s Heads
13 (tie) Rose and Crowns, Swans, White Horses


Best names: Five Mile From Anywhere No-Hurry Inn, Far From The Madding Crowd, Cafe Rene, Sally Pussey’s Inn, The Bee’s In The Wall, The Roaring Donkey, Who’d A Thought It

Fuck that place: The Angerstein Hotel, The Woodman Inn, The Black Horse

London Marathon last mile

Personal favourite pub write ups: The Chequers in Cottenham, hangover after a night in the King’s Arms in Ely, handing the puzzle over to the Dog and Duck in Linton (Cambs), the Crown in Penzance (a low-key 25th anniversary), the Glue Pot in Swindon after my first Wildcats Hockey match, the Blackfriar in London (not so much the write up as the architectural details), and the Rose and Crown in Chippenham for the fantastic people watching.  Certain there are other decent ones but this list contains the two or three I’m really pleased with.

dog and duck puzzle


Other pubs worthy of mention (good or bad):

The Red Lion in Southampton for architecture and Henry V connection
The Hop Inn for the locals’ alternative names
The five Red Lion Run back in 2010
The New Inn, Blists Hill (a historic museum town)
The Goldfinger (accidentally found Ian Fleming’s grave on run to this one)
The Blue Boar, Aldbourne (Dr. Who link)
The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel (Kray Brothers link)
The Red Lion, Aston (a town of ‘tards)
The Brass Monkey, Teignmouth (George W Bush on their sign)
Wernham Hogg’s, Slough (The Office tie-in)

wernham hogg slough office

The writing isn’t brilliant but it was never meant to be stunning. I have occasionally stumbled into something I’m happy enough with (to mention here) but never anything I would attach a real name to.  Some of those are:

What a Bunch of Dicks”  (September 2011)
Our Ex-Neighbours”  (September 2011, with links to the whole saga)
Risk Assessment: Proper Use of Bins”  (October 2012)
British Citizenship Exam”  (November 2012)
My Pet Leeches”  (September 2013)
Me and the Queen”  (June 2012)

closer magazine leech orgasm story

It wasn’t all drinking and knob jokes.  Occasionally I ran, sometimes quite a lot (although usually whilst stopping regularly for drinks and to tell inappropriate knob jokes).  I even race a bit with some of my favourite racing efforts here:

Grunty Fen 1/2 Marathon and general thoughts on the finisher’s medal (September 2009)
Snowdonia Marathon pub crawl (October 2009)
The River Run — Cantabrigiensis HHH (October 2009)
New Year’s Eve 10K Little Downham (January 2010)
Historical notes on the 30 Pack Marathon (April 2010)
Thame 10K and morning chunders (June 2010)
Florence Marathon (December 2010)
Bupa 10K plus bailout for the London Hash (May 2011)
Run For Heroes 5K or thereabouts (August 2011)
Chippenham Half with a sponsored pub stop (September 2011)
Swindon Half whilst hitting every pub within 1/2 mile (October 2011)
Cricklade Half + 8 mile warm-up (October 2011)
London Marathon pub crawl (April 2012)
Great British Beerathon Like the 30-Pack only smaller and including food (August 2012)
Great Bustard 5 or getting there’s half the fun (July 2013)
Beat the Bore at Night (September 2013)
Malmesbury Carnival 10K done twice to hit some pubs after  (August 2014)
Isle of Wight Marathon pub crawl (October 2014)

11:58 My big head notwithstanding, this is the Joe Strummer Subway

11:58 My big head notwithstanding, this is the Joe Strummer Subway

In fact, I started the blog for people in the States that already knew about my running idiosyncrasies (i.e., running to get to a bar, drinking heavily there or at one or more other bars, then running home).  So, for them the “racing” entries are no surprise nor are some of the other efforts, which I enjoy as much or more.  These three Birthday runs are typical:


I also used to ‘hash’ before I found the one true way; my life as a hasher came long after I started drink-running (and drug-running, for that matter) and that it has become just a passing fad baffles some of those folk although I still encourage hash virgins to go to a hash as a kick start to Hashlam.  I would, indeed, encourage all of you to go hashing at some point.

We saw some good shows and bad shows and some shows.  I saw Springsteen in the Atlanta Fox Theatre in the 70’s but Jackie never had so we booked a trip to Maastricht to fix that…and it was awesome.  We causght Neil Young in Hyde Park and Paul Simon there as well another year.  Two of the best shows were Lloyd Cole in Stroud and George Thorogood in Cambridge, and you can’t go wrong with the BeatHoles.

beatholes poster from sunday

Tourism ideas:

No trip to Wales is complete without a ride down this highway. (November 2009)
Find out why they refer to Oxford as the City of Dreaming Spires. (September 2010)
You can wait for English Heritage or the National Trust, but the loving family fits their own plaques (like this one to Arthur Stanley Eddington).  (August 2011)
If you get to Germany, indulge in the local folklore like the Bremen Musicians. (June 2012)
Nothing is more fun than old buses. (June 2014)
Get out on the street furnishing trail, maybe starting with post boxes. (November 2014)
And, to be serious, here are a few ideas for London.

shark house oxford

Recipes and food:

A friend that travels in China sent some delectable menu items to look for but I still haven’t found them in any Chinatown restaurants.  On the other hand, you can find the most interesting spices in the Caribbean markets, here.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you shouldn’t shy away from complicated recipes like this one.  Or, as an alternative you could start your day with one of these.
There were, of course, a lot of booze recipes, but these are worth the efforts involved and better than the pictures would suggest:
Cassoulet (one of several versions blogged herein)

chinese menu 1

Finally, no look back wouldn’t include obits.  Mostly, I obitted people I don’t know but knew of but on occasion I actually had a relationship with the deceased (Rest in Peace, y’all):

Vic Chesnutt (December 2009)
Bus Job (October 2010)

Andy Holden (whom I did not know but feel a special connection to, January 2014)

This blog (January 2015, which you are reading right now)



Holiday Running Streak Day 29   2 comments


There have been days when meeting the 3 mile minimum for the Holiday Run Streak have been daunting (hangovers, bone idleness, actual injuries).  Today was a joy, though.

I caught the 9 o’clock to Devizes and headed south into the slimy mud, down one steep ridge and up another and emerging, eventually, in Market Lavington.  The timing was actually rubbish, though, as the only pub open before noon is the Green Dragon (no complaints, mind; it was a self-inflicted wound I would have avoided by taking the 10 o’clock bus instead).

2014-12-20 Devizes - Market Lavington - Great Cheverell

9.4 miles out, with a beer break in Market Lavington

2014-12-20 Great Cheverell to Devizes flat out no GPS

5.8 miles back after beer break in Great Cheverell


I thought I could kill a little time by inspecting the pubs on offer for another day and the Churchill in Littleton Panell looked worthy.  The Owl in Little Cheverell was turned into a private residence a year or so ago to the dismay of the old fellow I spoke with there and the Bridge downhill from the Churchill got a recommendation from a kind gentleman I met at the Bell in Great Cheverell which I wandered up to just as it opened.

To be honest, the 9.4 miles run up to then had been like forced labour but the longer than planned (and greater fluid volume than planned) stop at the Bell recharged me.  Although I thought I had restarted the GPS I arrived back in Devizes with no additional miles.  This was easy enough to manually map (5.8 miles) and the voice recorder — which I failed to turn off, as well, upon leaving — showed this last leg to be 40 minutes long.  There was a bit of sunshine and mostly good surfaces to run and I made the most of the opportunity…plus, I was afraid the chippy in Devizes would close at 2 and I really hankered for a bit of cod.

Good run, pleasant company, fine ales, and a treat at the end.  Not a bad way to start the longest night of the year.

Hummers Galore   Leave a comment

This made me laugh so abruptly it made me spit a hot, milky liquid out (grow up…I was having tea).  Good eye on the jHavelina HHH harriette that spotted this:

hummers galore


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Royal Standard, Oxford, Chippy Challenge #119   1 comment

Cod and Chips Royal Standard

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: cod
Sides: chips and mushy peas
Evaluation: Very good for a pub, especially good for a pub with so many mouthy youths around.  Spectacular landlord here, though. You should go there.

I had originally planned on the Butcher’s Arms for the lunch at the mid-point of a 7 mile or so run but this was actually closer to my G-Had/hash prelay inspection.  Just as well, in the long run.

Days since last: 4 (South Cerney Fish and Chips, South Cerney)

Map link.

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

DT #344, 10 December 2014 (Old Golden Hen)   Leave a comment


Marston's Old Golden Hen


My job’s just to be
A janitor, not a cop.
Just make the mess good.

Name: Old Golden Hen
Type: golden ale
Venue: Royal Standard, Oxford

Review/notes: Running to the Butcher’s Arms but couldn’t find it so, wanting to see if I could find Gadget’s trail after lunch, I headed back toward the main drag and, generally, where I expected to find powder.  No luck, as it turned out but on my return to the labs found equipment that everyone should know better than to fuck up and yet fuck it up they did despite my warnings that the thing was easy to fuck up and up with which fucking would be imminent should they fucking try to fix it on their own…on their fucking own.  Oh, well, top 1% of the academic world and all (bunch of fucking assholes).

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

November Recap: DT, CC, GHad, and Pub Count   41 comments

DT nov recap

Thirteen of the Daily Tipples were in the beer category with 12 pub visits (6 of which were Wetherspoons, 5 of those were the Four Candles).  The highlight of the month had to be tasting the finished batch of Two Cures, though, with the worst experience of the bunch the very disappointing trip to The Lighthouse:

DT # Date Name Type Venue
305 01-Nov Wadworth Green Hopped Beer bitter The Prince of Wales
310 06-Nov Ellgood’s Cambridge Bitter bitter Four Candles
315 11-Nov Summerskills Ninja Beer bitter Four Candles
326 22-Nov Brewers’ Blizzard bitter The Bear
327 23-Nov Arkell’s Centennial bitter The Clifton
330 26-Nov Fireside Ale bitter Red Lion
334 30-Nov Bishop’s Finger bitter house
311 07-Nov Rooster’s Union Gap blonde ale Four Candles
333 29-Nov Cameron’s Gold Bullion golden ale Mug House
328 24-Nov Tuborg lager Four Candles
321 17-Nov Cotswold Spring OSM mild Four Candles
316 12-Nov Krušovice pilsner The Lighthouse
320 16-Nov Malmesbury Westport porter The Hop Inn
DT # Date Name Type Venue
318 14-Nov Two Cures Sloe Gin booze house
322 18-Nov Sloe Gin Fizz booze house
313 09-Nov Wychwood Ginger Beard ginger beer house
DT # Date Name Type Venue
308 04-Nov Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet red wine house
309 05-Nov Villa Verde Montepulciano d’Abruzzo red wine house
312 08-Nov Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon red wine house
314 10-Nov Vaucluse Grenache-Syrah red wine house
317 13-Nov Viña Maipo Merlot red wine house
319 15-Nov Petit Monde French Red red wine house
324 20-Nov Corte Viola Cabernet Veneto red wine Bella Italia
325 21-Nov Hardy’s Bankside Shiraz red wine house
332 28-Nov Vinsobres Cru de Côtes du Rhône red wine house
323 19-Nov Hardy’s Bankside Rosé rose wine house
331 27-Nov Torretta Prosecco sparkling wine house
306 02-Nov Chateau Pierrousselle Entre Deux Mers white wine house
307 03-Nov Castelliere Pinot Grigio white wine house
329 25-Nov Sorso Pinot Grigio white wine house


The Chippy Challenge dragged until the last week of the month but there were some spectacular examples (Crispy Cod and Robinson’s Traditional Fish and Chips) and some crimes against cuisine (Marmaris and WingLoon House):

CC nov recap


# Name Where Date Venue Type
109 Prince of Wales Shrivenham, Oxfordshire 01-Nov-14 Pub
110 Morrison’s Café Swindon, Wiltshire 08-Nov-14 other
111 WingLoon House Oxford, Oxfordshire 14-Nov-14 Chippy
112 Marmaris Swindon, Wiltshire 21-Nov-14 Chippy
113 Robinson’s Traditional Fish and Chips Bowerhill, Wiltshire 22-Nov-14 Chippy
114 Red Lion Marston, Oxfordshire 26-Nov-14 Pub
115 Pinehurst Fisheries Swindon, Wiltshire 28-Nov-14 Chippy
116 Crispy Cod Worcester, Worcestershire 29-Nov-14 Chippy


The GHadHHH had two minor trails this month, one each versus the Oxford and Moonrakers hashes, both night efforts.  More importantly was the treatise on IntifadHHHa and CalipHHHate differences in this confusing era of global Hashlam and its various pretenders.

pub nov recap


Pub count: this month only added 8 more pubs to the total and all of them came on runs.  Started the calendar year with 1197 and the blog year (19 January) with 1201 so it is shaping up to the weakest effort of the 6 years so far but at 1280 I hope to hit 1300 before the end of 2014.

DT #309, 5 November 2014 (Villa Verde Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)   Leave a comment

Villa Verde Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

The fireworks commence.
Kitty hides under the bed.
Inflammable skies.

Name: Villa Verde Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Type: red wine
Recipe: slow roast pork shoulder
Venue: house

Review/notes: Bonfire night saw my own gunpowder plot in the form of going out for my first — albeit brief — run in 3½ weeks (because of surgery, bleeding like the last of the Romanovs, and the worst case of lurgy I’ve had since 1983 which lingers on, and on, and on). The fireworks and the nearly full moon were all that lit my way on a lot of the trail which overlapped an awful lot of both the G-Had HHH and the Moonrakers HHH trails for the evening.

The dinner was lovely and needed no tending so I headed into town after the jog and walked home beneath the fireworks with Jackie (who had a late day, today).  “Fancy a glass of wine with dinner?” I asked as we passed the supermarket. After a long pause with her mouth ajar she whispered, “who ARE you and what have you done with Bun?”

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January


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