The Chippenham Half Marathon 2011-09-11   12 comments

Sort of loaded from my stops at the Commercial Rooms and the V-Shed, I ran up to the baggage drop of the Chippenham Half Marathon only to realise my timing chip had escaped the twist ties on my shoes (probably somewhere in the murky waters in Bristol if not back in Cardiff).  I dropped my bag under my race number and went to negotiate a replacement chip.  They issued me another number without question and I lounged about on the ground half stretching and half contorting to put it in place. I reached my starting pen just in time for the September 11 minute of silence.

The Chippenham Half is pretty small, about 1500 runners this time.  I chose it in particular because the Bristol Half is the same day and would likely draw a huge crowd keeping this pack small.  It worked: even the few bottlenecks near the start were easy to negotiate and there was very little jockeying for space.

{I like this photo so until they post the race photos I’m leaving this one in from the Langley Tap post.}

This is the sort of race and race crowd I used to love back when I was smoking a lot of pot and wandering around in a psychedelic otherworld: good scenery, friendly folks both on the route and in the crowd, good organisation so there is little chance you actually have to think for yourself.  A very pleasant morning out, overall.

My goal was really just to finish but I had hoped to do a bit better than the 1:41 and some seconds that I actually managed.  However, I was treated to a five minute break for beer at the roughly 11 mile mark thanks to the management of the Langley Tap.

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