The Fox and Hounds, Colerne, Wiltshire   1 comment

Fox and Hounds Colerne sign

The approach to Colerne from Corsham was steep downhill to a creek and steep uphill to the village and about four miles of rocks, mud and pasture.  Except for getting a brief start on the G-Had HHH trail as I reached the area near the church, I made a more-or-less direct path to the Fox and Hounds for a well-deserved (I thought) beer.

There were four ales on tap although the gents lining the bar were all quaffing lager.  There was a house ale with the landlord’s face on the pump clip but I opted for the other one I had never seen before, a Cottage Brewing Sunset that was sharp and floral and very refreshing as I continued to pour sweat throughout the tipple.

The pub looks very old and the afternoon clientèle seemed intent on quietly murdering their beverages, but there are loads of indications that you can party at this pub (mostly the signs hung around the walls — and on the pub website — that say, “Party at the Pub”).

Fox and Hounds Colerne

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