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Los Gatos throws Old Town under a bus   2 comments

The owners of Los Gatos tapas bar have a weekly column in the Swindon Advertiser wherein they promote their business under a thin veil of general restaurant lore.  A few weeks ago they moved about 60 meters away and just around the corner from their old location.

This week’s column describes a post-apocalyptic hellscape on Wood Street compared to the bucolic safety of the new digs.  Again, about 60 meters away and just around the corner from their old location.

In promoting their business’ new location as yob free a welcoming to the middle-class pound, they have pretty much called their old one a loud, filthy death trap.  Albeit 60 meters away and just around the corner.

Summary: “That’s right. Fuck the neighbours, fuck the neighbourhood…we are the only venue worthy of your custom in this shithole, so come up for us then run for cover and best of luck to you getting past the war zone that is Wood Street.”

Swindon Advertiser 2014-10-24 Menu page 2


Why DO they have a weekly column, anyway?

DT #068, 9 Mar 2014 (Les Banquettes Escarpees Rasteau)   Leave a comment

Les Banquettes Escarpees Rasteau

Bistecca alla
Fiorentina with a
Platter full of chips.

Name: Les Banquettes Escarpees Rasteau
Type: red wine
Venue: house

Review/notes: I needed a Côtes du Rhone (because I can’t really afford a decent Chateuneuf du Pape) and the guys at Magnum in Old Town (their web presence here) came through for me as they always do. After a couple of pleasantries a glass with some shiraz appeared then another with the Rasteau.  The shiraz really pooped on my taste buds but I’ve learned to take their counsel…yum.

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

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DT #047, 16 Feb 2014 (Casa Planeta Nero D’avola Syrah)   2 comments

Casa Planeta Nero D'avola Syrah

Boxes, tomorrow,
Move to their new home and wait
For the furniture.

Name: Casa Planeta Nero D’avola Syrah
Type: red wine
Venue: house in Eastcott night before we get keys to house in Old Town

Review/notes: Good wine with telly in a room full of boxed up books and records.  Exodus begins tomorrow.

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

Swindon Pride 2013 — Family and Despot Friendly Version   Leave a comment

swindon pride 2013 trixie cunmore

Nudity and gratuitously public displays of deviant sexual behaviour were glaringly absent; and, the consensus seemed to be that all the political victories were already won (despite the situation coming to a head in Russia with open threats against openly gay athletes in the impending Winter Olympics).  In 30 years of going to these Gay Day thingies in Atlanta, Amsterdam, Tucson, and Swindon (2011 and 2012), I have never seen a more complacent bunch of people.

swindon pride 2013 whispering i's 2

Mind you, the acts were better than in years past and the Whispering I was already playing ahead of their scheduled slot on the published programme (which is always more a guideline than an actual timetable).

swindon pride 2013 whispering i's

The Focus on the Family Theme meant there were shitloads of small children (which really give me the willies).  On more than one occasion, the recent same-sex marriage legislation was touted as though there were nothing left to achieve.  The more addled of the few flamboyant characters were treated to mild derision — same as any other year, but this year they seemed to be singled out.


swindon pride 2013 wtf

On the plus side, the Corsairs ruled:

swindon pride 2013 corsairs

Rank be damned, if this guy isn’t a “Rear Admiral” then I’ve never seen one:

swindon pride 2013 rear admiral

We were handed a flyer for a band and decided to wander up to the stage they were scheduled to play at only to find them standing around prima-donna-ing about the sound and the shift in the programme that had them going on 10 minutes early.  A guy that had been smoking pot behind us down in the bowl stepped up, plugged in his guitar, and did a mini-set including some Kate Bush, Oasis, and some of his own music.  Didn’t catch his name (truly an impromptu performance) but he was easily the most talented solo act we saw.

swindon pride 2013 impromptu set 2

Josephine and the Artisans finally started setting up during the stoner dude’s set — with the lead singer looking shocked an d worried about following such a good act.  They all seemed very talented: the string section members were awesome, the rock contingent were a decent band all in their own right, and the rappers were decent even if you aren’t much of a hip hop fan.  NONE of it worked together and we headed home halfway through the 2nd song.

swindon pride 2013 josephine and the artisanj 1


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My Homes By Google Autocorrect   Leave a comment

Inspired by (linked to the London map):

autocorrect london


bicester is


swindon is


old town is

Stretham (2009) gets auto-corrected to the London neighbourhood of Streatham.  If you defer to it as “Ely is” then it get’s changed to Eli.

Further back, we have 2006-2009:

tucson is



athens is



amsterdam ZO is


Good question.  Answer here.

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Update 4: Every Path in Old Town project   3 comments

[Originally, this project was described here,  and you can see the most recent prior Update (3) here.]

25 March 2013:  Stir crazy from enforced rest (IT band injury), I took the admonition to limit exercise to gentle walks as including short, hilly hikes and went out into the unseasonable cold (winter set in around this time last year and just won’t fuck off).  Picking up a bit of the un-mapped sections of the EPiOT project was the aim, but I also lucked into a fantastic (if oddly situated) kebab stand to add to my annual challenge total:

hibberd's yard and caners kebab map   hibberd's yard and caners kebab stand

26 March 2013:  Not a twinge after yesterday’s hike so with a half hour till sunset I headed out to the hills and exploring some of the ‘new build’ neighbourhood off Okus (I just know they must have a pub down in there, but haven’t yet found it).  Coming back via Grosvenor then William Street, there were some compelling stairs near an old school house that now hosts Swindon Silicon (the Boy’s Entrance is just behind that fence in the photo).  Unusually bad luck with dead ends on the steep Fairview (next to the Radnor Street Cemetery) and again on an alley, but that’s part of the fun, eh?

2013-03-26 okus and radnor loop  2013-03-26 stairs by swindon silicon william st



29 March 2013: There was sun.  No, really (I say this for the Brits out there), sun and relatively clear skies, I shit you not.  With Jackie laid up with the lurgy, I did some errands then headed out to knock out some pesky trails:

2013-03-29 good friday run map

These runs have enhanced my appreciation of Art and I passed a basketball court where a kid was wielding a spray can, too deep in thought to notice I had stopped to tie a shoe.  I’m a little concerned he was working on top of extant paint when there is such a wealth of virgin canvas just around the corner:


blank canvasses



As the alleyways spooled out before me, many more works presented themselves, like this conceptual Minnie Mouse:


minnie mouse



And, this mural on a garden fence above the quarries adjacent to the Town Garden:


above the quarries



Philistine that I am, I can only take in so much visual information and have learned to pace myself.  I’m glad that I did, too, since the detail above the recently reopened Prince of Wales shows that it was built to be exactly that (the Prince of Wales).  The last time I visited this pub was a week before my attempt at a second visit (when I found it shuttered, a year-and-a-half or so back).  They reopened a couple of weeks ago and I felt compelled to have something (albeit just a half pint of Carling).  I’m sure I’ll be back soon, though.


prince of wales swindon signage

Caner’s Kebab Stand, Swindon (kpw* for week 13)   2 comments

[*kpw = kebab per week for 2013, as noted in an earlier post and the 15th entry for the 2013 Challenge]

caners kebab stand doner at dick lovett


The photoshopped text is an old, Beavis and Butthead style bit of silliness I do every time I see this dealership but can’t help myself (very immature).  The kebab was picked up at Caner’s Kebab stand down a road resembling an auto salvage yard just behind Dick Lovett and was quite a find.

I am nursing an inflamed iliotibial (IT) band and off running for a week or two and decided to find a few trails on my other project, covering Every Trail in Old Town when I spotted this little treasure…friendly staff, cheap, and some of the tastiest döner yet.  It especially benefits from getting thrown on a hot griddle from the steam table thus carbonizing a portion of the sliced meat.  I would score it down for the appearance of the chilli sauce but it was actually fantastic.  Love it.

caners kebab stand

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