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The Lighthouse, Oxford   6 comments

Lighthouse sign

Shithole.  Fucking yuppy shithole.  Elegant, mind you, but overpriced and with waitrons that cop an attitude.  Enjoy your empty “pub,” folks (or, should I say “cocktail bar”?).

Lighthouse Oxford cocktails

Someone should run a book on when Lighthouse goes out of business.  With the holidays on us, they will get through the New Year so I would place my wager on sometime in March or April (let’s arbitrarily say Easter Monday), possibly taking their sister (the Cowley Retreat) down with them.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour


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The Paddock Bar, Abbey Meads Stadium, Swindon   2 comments

The Paddocks Bar Abbey Stadium Swindon

The bar is clean and the prices not too inflated for the sort of venue, but the real attraction is the crowd of punters crowding around the bookies.  I tend to just do the Totes betting on runners that look good (stats and the walk-by) until I get ahead — which rarely happens — then drop any excess on long odds with one of the bookies; but the regulars here are quite the show.  For me, it was just a place to go at the end of my own run for the day and there was a bar, free admission, and as it turned out free entertainment (hit one for 3:1 out of four races).

Dog tracks have a shitty reputation and I’m sure there are trainers that still deserve it but these pups today looked healthy and it is a joy to watch them sprint.  A few were a bit stiff in the legs but I’ve known a lot of non-racing and ex-racing greyhounds over the years and this is not atypical.  I really want one or more of these guys if we ever get a space of our own, too.

Abbey Stadium Swindon

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DT #262, 19 September 2014 (Somersby cider)   Leave a comment

Somersby cider Abbey Stadium

One at 3-to-1
While my other three greyhounds
Loped in next to last.

Name: Somersby cider
Type: cider
Venue: Abbey Stadium greyhound track, Swindon

Review/notes: Totally functional cider.  I broke even on betting after four races so two of these were my entire cost for the day…result!  Decided to walk it off and head back to the house for an early supper.  First time at the afternoon meeting, definitely not the last.

If you want any tips, feel free to ask. This is the dog I had the most faith in…came in fifth:

Abbey Stadium Swindon one of my losing dogs

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

Last look back at 2012 Challenge   3 comments

100beer challenge squares

The previous post was better, but I wanted to showcase the screensavers pieced together by Squeezin’ (with my gratitude for these).  The pics, in order, are

Venue Where beer #
The Princess Hotel (done around 5 am New Year’s Day)  Swindon 1
The Bank House  Cheltenham 2
At the New Year’s Races in Cheltenham (watching my nag drag in)  Cheltenham 3
Midlands Hotel  Cheltenham 4
The Queen’s Tap  Swindon 5
The Four Candles  Oxford 6
The Turf Tavern (at the sign commemorating Clinton failing to inhale there)  Oxford 7
The White Horse  Oxford 8
O’Neill’s  Oxford 9
Ellington’s  Swindon 10
The Red Lion  Oxford 11
The Gloucester Arms  Oxford 12
Eurobar  Oxford 13
The Volunteer  Faringdon 14
The Red Lion  Faringdon 15
The Bell  Faringdon 16
The Lamb and Flag  Oxford 17
The Bird and Baby  Oxford 18
Far  The Madding Crowd  Oxford 19
Southbrook Inn  Swindon 20
The White Hart  Wolvercote, Oxfordshire 21
The Red Lion  Wolvercote, Oxfordshire 22
The Plough  Oxford 23
The Gardener’s Arms  Oxford 24
The Rose and Crown  Oxford 25
TP’s  Swindon 26
The De’s Cut  Oxford 27
The King and Queen  Longcot, Oxfordshire 28
The Woodman Inn  Fernham, Oxfordshire 29
The Eagle  Little Cocks Swell, Oxfordshire 30
The Wheatsheaf  Faringdon, Oxfordshire 31
Faringdon Folly  Faringdon, Oxfordshire 32
Salisbury Cathedral  Salisbury 33
The King’s Arms  Salisbury 34
The Old Castle Pub  Salisbury 35
The keep at Old Sarum  Salisbury 36
Wheatsheaf  Lower Woodford, Wiltshire 37
Bridge Inn  Upper Woodford, Wiltshire 38
Black Horse  Great Durnford, Wiltshire 39
Wilsford Cum Lake sign (heh, heh)  Wiltshire 40
Stonehenge (really a great disappointment)  Wiltshire 41
King’s Arms  Amesbury, Wiltshire 42
George Hotel  Amesbury, Wiltshire 43
New Inn  Amesbury, Wiltshire 44
The Greyhound  Amesbury, Wiltshire 45
Royal Oak  Oxford 46
The Red Lion  Marston, Oxfordshire 47
The Angel and Greyhound  Oxford 48
The University Club  Oxford 49
The GW Hotel  Swindon 50
Jude the Obscure  Oxford 51
The Victoria  Oxford 52
The Rickety Press  Oxford 53
Wahoo Sport Bar  Oxford 54
The Oxford Retreat  Oxford 55
The Grapes  Oxford 56
The Rolleston  Swindon 57
The Baker’s Arms  Swindon 58
The Dolphin  Swindon 59
Marsh Farm Hotel  Royal Wootton Bassett 60
The Cross Keys  Royal Wootton Bassett 61
The Old School  Oxford 62
The King’s Arms  Oxford 63
The Swan and Castle  Oxford 64
The Victoria Arms  Marston, Oxfordshire 65
The Black Swan  Abingdon, Oxfordshire 66
The Blue Boar  Abingdon, Oxfordshire 67
The Bowyer Arms  Radley, Oxfordshire 68
Zen Bar  Swindon 69
Sir Daniel Arms  Swindon 70
White Hart  Lyneham, Wiltshire 71
Sodom  Wiltshire 72
The Angel  Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire 73
Cape of Good Hope  Oxford 74
Rudi’s  Swindon 75
Burn’s Day Lunch (Haggis, Neeps, Tatties, Whisky, and 2 beers)  Oxford 76
Swindon Wildcats 3, Sheffield Steeldogs 4 (SO)  Swindon 77
The Longwall  Oxford 78
The Royal George  Purton, Wiltshire 79
Riff’s Bar  Greatfield, Wiltshire 80
Magic Roundabout  Swindon 81
The Three Tuns  Wroughton 82
The Havana  Swindon 83
The Lydiard  Swindon 84
The Savoy  Swindon 85
The Brewer’s Arms  Cirencester 86
The White Horse  Woolstone 87
The College Farm  Watchfield 88
The Horse and Jockey  Ashton Keynes, Gloucestershire 89
The Vale Hotel  Cricklade 90
Goldfinger Tavern  Highworth, Wiltshire 91
The Red Lion  Northmoor, Oxfordshire 92
The Bell Inn  Standlake, Oxfordshire 93
The Maybush  Newbridge, Oxfordshire 94
The Beehive (this is about 100 yards from the house we are moving to)  Swindon 95
Baker Street  Swindon 96
Steam Railway Company Pub  Swindon 97
The Pig on the Hill  Swindon 98
Long’s Bar  Swindon 99
near Parliament, with a Cuban cigar and a bunch of dirty looks (and after 5 pub stops)  London Marathon 100
The Bear  Oxford 101
The Old Tom  Oxford 102
The Crown  Oxford 103
The Beehive  Carterton, Oxfordshire 104
The Crown Inn  Faringdon, Oxfordshire 105
Romany Inn  Bampton, Oxfordshire 106
Talbot Hotel  Bampton, Oxfordshire 107
The George Inn  Sandy Lane, Wiltshire 108
The White Hart  Calne, Wiltshire 109
The now defunct King George  Calne, Wiltshire 110
Barrington Arms  Shrivenham, Oxfordshire 111
Groves Company Inn  Swindon 112
Revolution  Swindon 113
The Plough  Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire 114
The George and Dragon  Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire 115
The Fish  Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire 116
Great Western Railway Staff Association  Didcot, Oxfordshire 117
The Prince of Wales  Didcot, Oxfordshire 118
Tap and Barrel (good read goes along with this pic)  Swindon 119
Old Town Festival  Swindon Town Gardens 120
Cock Inn  Combe, Oxfordshire 121
Three Horseshoes  Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire 122
Swindon Pride 2012  Swindon (duh) 123
Wernham Hogg’s  Slough, Berkshire 124
The Myrtle Grove  Risca, Gwent, Wales 125
The Sirhowy  Blackwood, Gwent, Wales 126
Railway Tavern  Sirhowy, Blaenau Gwent, Wales 127
The Castle  Bryn Serth, Blaenau Gwent, Wales 128
The Coach and Horses  Ashvale, Blaenau Gwent, Wales 129
Ye Olde Red Lion Hotel  Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent, Wales 130
The Tumble Inn  Pontypridd, Wales 131
The Maltster’s Arms  Pontypridd, Wales 132
Wyvern Theatre  Swindon 133
Byron’s Bar  Swindon 134
The Bear Hotel  Wantage, Oxfordshire 135
Source ot the River Thames  Kemble, Gloucestershire 136
Carpenter’s Arms  Lacock, Wiltshire 137
Mill House  Chippenham, Wiltshire 138
Sunny’s Pool Bar  Swindon 139
The Royal Oak  Marlborough, Wiltshire 140
The Lamb Inn  Marlborough, Wiltshire 141
The Crown  Marlborough, Wiltshire 142
IMS/TOF Mass Spectrometer  Oxford University 143
New Year’s Eve on Ferndale Road  Swindon 144

100beer challenge 16x9s

Presidential Betting Odds Election Eve   Leave a comment

Betting the last pound? Last hundred quid? The big money is on Romney and the smart money is….


Paddy Power has already cashed out for Obama, but it was only £400K (and at their odds, the advertising revenue equivalent makes this a bargain…they are still taking bets, by the way).  I hope the gamblers’ optimism is right but, except for Clinton, Obama is the only other Republican I have ever voted for (don’t give me that Official Party Affiliation bullshit, you purists, they are both right of Nixon).

Anyway, now that this is all done and dusted, keep in mind you can still bet on other politics, the X-Factor, Rugby (Union or League), and Religion.  That’s right.  Religion.

Presidential Betting Odds 04 November 2012   Leave a comment


Update: Only a few hours after this post went up, Paddy Power called the race for Obama, paying out 2 days early.

The payout on a pound bet, above, has been a jagged ride at times.  The spreadsheet I have kept on this has ridiculous notes on it as you might expect.  Here were the dates I found significant:

Debates → October 3, 9, 16, and 22

Jon Stewart v. Bill O’Reilly → Oct. 6

Hurricane Sandy, Halloween, and Chris Christie → October 30-31

Socialism 2012 meeting in London → November 3 (I think I put that on as a reminder to attend)

The over/under looks good for Obama, right now, but the odds have an 8.3% house bias against random results which pushes the actual prediction down closer to 274 and 277 for Ladbrokes (top) and Paddy Power respectively.  William Hill has this interesting betting option for those of you in it for the long game:

Presidential Betting Odds Update 02 November 2012   Leave a comment

I’m taking Wednesday, the day after the election polls close up to 10 hours after the clock hits 7 pm here, off.  The first day at work here, I sat in the canteen at Cambridge and explained to one of my PIs that God Bless America and God Save the Queen were the same song while we watched Obama’s inauguration (and almost everyone EXCEPT us Americans) weeped in relief.  Now I have to explain really stupid shit like why Romney is still neck-and-neck (in the polls)…gamblers don’t fuck around, thus, which is why I trust the gambling odds more than opinion polls (when you are risking the rent and not something as trivial as the freedom of the world’s populace or–at a minum–the most powerful economy in the world during desperate times, you choose a real winner and not some fucking longshot with an enchanting name).

So, we see people who have nothing more or less than pounds Sterling riding on this election dropping quid for Obama.

Full disposition Sunday and Tuesday (then the voters decide who pays out).  If I buy one pound each today I lose 73 pence if Obama wins and win £3.07 if Romney wins.  I’m not a gambler, but I know a LOT of them….

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