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Market Plaice, Devizes, Wiltshire, Chippy Challenge #123   Leave a comment

Market Plaice Devizes cod

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: cod
Sides: none
Evaluation: Unbelievably delicious and I would have gone back for seconds, some chips, and mushy peas if a) I hadn’t promised to do a proper green curry from scratch when Jackie got home and b) the bus, which only runs hourly, wasn’t due.  The Pelican, two doors down and which allows you to bring in outside food, was a real temptation at this point; my resolve was later rewarded (great meal, good wine, lovely company) but I shall ever be nagged by what might have been.
Days since last: 1 (Leo Fish and Chips, Wootton, Oxfordshire)

Market Plaice Devizes
Map link.

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

Holiday Running Streak Day 29   2 comments


There have been days when meeting the 3 mile minimum for the Holiday Run Streak have been daunting (hangovers, bone idleness, actual injuries).  Today was a joy, though.

I caught the 9 o’clock to Devizes and headed south into the slimy mud, down one steep ridge and up another and emerging, eventually, in Market Lavington.  The timing was actually rubbish, though, as the only pub open before noon is the Green Dragon (no complaints, mind; it was a self-inflicted wound I would have avoided by taking the 10 o’clock bus instead).

2014-12-20 Devizes - Market Lavington - Great Cheverell

9.4 miles out, with a beer break in Market Lavington

2014-12-20 Great Cheverell to Devizes flat out no GPS

5.8 miles back after beer break in Great Cheverell


I thought I could kill a little time by inspecting the pubs on offer for another day and the Churchill in Littleton Panell looked worthy.  The Owl in Little Cheverell was turned into a private residence a year or so ago to the dismay of the old fellow I spoke with there and the Bridge downhill from the Churchill got a recommendation from a kind gentleman I met at the Bell in Great Cheverell which I wandered up to just as it opened.

To be honest, the 9.4 miles run up to then had been like forced labour but the longer than planned (and greater fluid volume than planned) stop at the Bell recharged me.  Although I thought I had restarted the GPS I arrived back in Devizes with no additional miles.  This was easy enough to manually map (5.8 miles) and the voice recorder — which I failed to turn off, as well, upon leaving — showed this last leg to be 40 minutes long.  There was a bit of sunshine and mostly good surfaces to run and I made the most of the opportunity…plus, I was afraid the chippy in Devizes would close at 2 and I really hankered for a bit of cod.

Good run, pleasant company, fine ales, and a treat at the end.  Not a bad way to start the longest night of the year.

DT #005, 05 Jan 2014 (Cape Codder, Mr Boston recipe)   1 comment

cape codder next to a v and t

Pubs 1, 2, and 3;
Left to my own Devizes,
What’s a boy to do?

Name: Cape Codder
Type: cocktail
Recipe: vodka and cranberry juice poured over ice with a slice of lime to garnish (Mr. Boston version)
Venue: house

Review/notes: I didn’t know this had a name until I got my new Mr. Boston; most ‘tenders know what to make when you ask for vodka cranberry.  But, as it has an official name and as I have had cod for lunch five days in a row (or, 4 plus a haddock today and sushi for breakfast two of those days), my new superhero alter ego would likely be called the Caped Codder.

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

The Caped Codder!

The Caped Codder!

The Castle Inn, Devizes, Wiltshire, Chippy Challenge #5   2 comments

castle hotel devizes wee haddock

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: haddock
Sides: chips and mushy peas
Evaluation: tasty but I was in a hurry..they take the term ‘small’ seriously, too
Days since last: 1 (Mr. Cod)
Map link.

castle hotel devizes slow sunday

In Devizes for a short run I was caught out by the weather, so after the third pub I put on my dry kit and went in search of an open chippy. I know three near the town centre that could have been open and one not far from the path that I already knew was closed, but with time to kill it seemed worth exploring the streets; but, though signed as ‘Open Sundays’ the Market Plaice had a hand-written card on the door stipulating that it meant after 4pm (Sunday NIGHT, as a lot of us would call it) and the other two were simply closed.  So, I eventually settled on a pub for a fish, the Castle Hotel.

It was good, if pricy, and it took for fucking ever to come out so I ended up wolfing it down to try, in vain, to catch my bus which I chased for several stops. Everyone there had already been served, so it was really just the pretension of a restaurant that cause the delay in this simple pub grub. Oh, well.  First haddock of the challenge.

castle hotel devizes

The Lamb Inn, Devizes, Wiltshire   1 comment

lamb devizes sign

The Lamb was my first choice for the 1200th, but the stack shifted down last week when I found the long overlooked Gardener’s Arms in Oxford (a few hundred meters from the other Gardener’s Arms in Oxford).  But, as I pointed out in the notes on the 1200th, it is just a number.

lamb devizes quiet sunday

Like the 1200th, it was quiet but there were more people; we all just settled into the Sunday regime of reading newspapers.  This was very copacetic, and I feel that this old house is probably very much the local I would gravitate toward should I ever move house to Devizes.

lamb devizes

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The Fox and Hounds, Devizes, Wiltshire (pub #1200)   2 comments

fox and hounds devizes sign

It has taken nearly 15 months to find the most recent 200 pubs (with pub number 1000 ticking over in just over 3 years 8 months and longer than it took to do the previous 400), and it might seem that the bloom is off the rose; quite the contrary, but with so many of the remaining pubs remote from where I live and work it takes a bit more effort to plan than most alcoholic trail runners are willing to put in.  As a point of reference, though, here is a simple breakdown of the Endless British Pub Crawl progress:

1200 pub chart  1201 pubs mapped

Pub #1, The Red Lion, Stretham (Ely), Cambridgeshire 19 January 2009 (first day of the Crawl, fifth day in country)
Pub #200, The Five Bells, Newmarket, Suffolk 31 July 2009 (day 193) Δt = 198 days (from immigration)
Pub #400, The SportsBar in Marylebone Station, London 30 May 2010 (day 496) Δt = 303 days
Pub #600, The Boundary House, Swindon 28 May 2011(day 859) Δt = 363 days
Pub #800, The Wheatsheaf, Lower Woodford, Wiltshire 8 January 2012 (day 1084) Δt = 225 days
Pub #1000, The Red Lion. East Chisenbury, Wiltshire 9 September 2012 (day 1329) Δt = 245 days
Pub #1200, 5 January 2014 (day 1812) Δt = 483 days

fox and hounds devizes fire

That said, I have done much worse than the Fox and Hounds in the past, though, so let’s just review the visit on its own merits and not any artifice of round numbers.  I arrived wet and cold and out-of-breath in the deathly quiet of the pub to meet two attractive waitresses bored off their tits by the slow day.  All I had to offer for relief was my awful accent and an order for a pint of Swordfish before retiring to the fire to warm my feet.  A hiking couple with a dog came along and a couple of deuces were reserved, but the pub is too nice for so little traffic…go if you can.

fox and hounds devizes

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The Hourglass, Devizes, Wiltshire   1 comment

hourglass devizes

It has been a while since my last pub run but with Jackie working Sunday afternoon the opportunity arose and I decided to clear the backlog of Devizes pubs still on my to do list.  There were only two left on my list but a quick internet search turned up the Hourglass near the Devizes Marina and not far from a bus stop so I started with a warm-up jog there to get a Ramsbury XXXX Porter.

hourglass devizes bar

The beer was slate-y with a bit of ashtray to it, but the kind of ashtray that involves the scrapings of a bong or hash pipe so it was a happy find on this chilly day with a storm looming.  I worried about flooding on the path along the canal but needn’t and the choice to start here seemed an auspicious one despite the dining bent of the canalside, estate centred venue.

hourglass devizes lounge

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