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June Update: Daily Tipple and Chippy Challenge   243 comments

Meisenfrei Bremen me and Haake Beck

Not much to say about the month except we are now past the halfway point…here’s the tally for June.  Interesting that not one beer — on the list — was at the house:

DT # Date Name Type Venue
156 05-Jun Mary Jane bitter The Britannia
157 06-Jun Full Brazilian bitter The Savoy
163 12-Jun Otter bitter The Eagle
167 16-Jun Young’s London Gold bitter Green Dragon
177 26-Jun Staropramen Dark dark pilsner Hotel Deutsche Eiche
153 02-Jun Negra Modelo lager Phoenix Picture House
165 14-Jun Tyskie lager near the bus stop
166 15-Jun Coors Light lager The Mailcoach
171 20-Jun Meantime Pilsner pilsner Big Society
173 22-Jun Jupiler pilsner Cafe Het Bolwerk
174 23-Jun Haake Beck pilsner Stadtgeflüster
175 24-Jun Konig Pilsner pilsner Mexcal
178 27-Jun Veltins pilsner China Restaurant Peking
179 28-Jun Duvel pilsner The Doors Coffeeshop
164 13-Jun Young’s London Stout stout Angel and Greyhound
176 25-Jun Franziskaner weissbier Double Ti
Meisenfrei Bremen

The Meisenfrei…great little bar but the beer choices had already been covered so while I recommend it highly, it didn’t make the list.


DT # Date Name Type Venue
154 03-Jun Cape Original Shiraz Malbec red wine house
155 04-Jun Arpeggio Sangiovese red wine house
161 10-Jun Cooperative Piemonte Barbera red wine house
168 17-Jun Alexis Lichine Bordeaux Superieur red wine house
170 19-Jun Sainsbury Select Barbaresco red wine house
172 21-Jun Chateau Sainte Marthe Languedoc red wine house
180 29-Jun Contenda Shiraz red wine house
181 30-Jun Tiger Horse Shiraz Mourvedre red wine house
152 01-Jun Blossom Hill White Zinfandel rose wine house
158 07-Jun Calvet Cabernet Franc rose rose wine house
159 08-Jun Sainsbury Select White Zinfandel rose wine house
169 18-Jun Jacaranda Hill Shiraz Rosé rose wine house

at Bremen Hbf

DT # Date Name Type Venue
160 09-Jun Gin and Tonic booze house
162 11-Jun Rosie’s Pig cider The Prince of Wales

2014-06-23 Boetcherstrasse Bremen day s

June was a good month for chippies, as well.  The new herring, best of the year, was arriving in Amsterdam but didn’t call me until the last minute and I didn’t want anything on my stomach for the flight home.  And surprisingly, the best F&C of the month was in Germany.

# Chippy Challenge
63 The Britannia Oxford, Oxfordshire 05-Jun Pub
64 Treasure Chinese Takeaway Shrivenham, Oxfordshire 11-Jun Chippy
65 Posh Fish Headington Headington, Oxfordshire 13-Jun Chippy
66 Dolphin Fish Bar Highworth, Wiltshire 14-Jun Chippy
67 Yeung’s House Fish and Chips Marlborough, Wiltshire 16-Jun Chippy
68 Poseidon Fish and Chips Oxford, Oxfordshire 20-Jun Chippy
69 Happy Seafood Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam 22-Jun Dutch fish stand
70 Star Food Fish N Chips Bremen, Germany 25-Jun Chippy


CC Chart June


Psilocybe atlantis   3 comments

Psilocybe Atlantis 1


The trip back home from Amsterdam became a Trip back home from Amsterdam.  It started with a run through the east side partly to effect the G-Had, partly to investigate the Science Park (which I haven’t seen since I worked there 10 years ago.  AMOLF moved to a new building a few years back and the old place looks empty and forelorn:

AMOLF forelorn

But, it was a nostalgic day, indeed.  An Elvis Costello song popped up on my mp3 player and it dawned on me that the records I checked out of St Louis Public Library were overdue 30 years to the day (the ASMS Annual Conference is there next year, though, so maybe I can return them then).

bowling pin s


I finished my run and was heading to Centraal Station to get back to Schiphol and the bowling pin struck me as surreal and immediately I decided to pick up the run again and go see if the Magic Mushroom place was still open near the Oude Kerk…and it was!  Hooray!  I picked up a dose and a half of P. atlantis and then had to think about timing: going through customs with nothing would be okay and I’ve had enough psychedelic experience that the UK passport control would be a snap but I didn’t want to deal with any security on the Dutch end.  The plan, then, was to drop off my baggage and drop my dosage 45 minutes before boarding.  This was perfect and I was just starting to feel a little weird as I arrived at the gate.

In fact, I arrived about 20 minutes early and popped into the Irish pub for a beer to even things out.  Lighting was awesome in there and the beer was good and no more expensive than in a pub in the UK and by the time I drained it everything was cracking between crystalline and cartoon and I needed to get on a little bus to head out on the tarmac to the plane.

Murphy's Irish Red Schiphol

The plane was not really thought through and I got to my seat to find the one next to me empty.  Could not have planned it better, except it got even better.  Another busload arrived and the first group down the aisle was a family with a baby and a 5-year-old and they didn’t sit near me!  BUT, a 5 foot tall, 400 pound overly pierced and angry-looking black lesbian came down behind them and plopped in the wee seat next to me…for about ten seconds before flagging down a sky waitress and asking if the two spot I hadn’t spotted was free (it was and I was free, as well).

Oh, and the mushrooms were especially nice…and I still had residual the next morning.  It really was like going home, or at least what I imagine other people feel about going home.


who's a trippy boy then

DT #180, 29 June 2014 (Contenda Shiraz)   Leave a comment

Contenda Shiraz

To sleep in one’s bed
And to throw mice at one’s cat…
The meaning of life.

Name: Contenda Shiraz
Type: red wine
Venue: First full day home and my head is still a bit altered. And, with very little food for the previous 48 hours the diet called for something rich in protein and fat.  And, a bottle of wine, of course.

I have avoided this line as long as I could though…”I coulda been a Contenda, Charlie.”

Review/notes: have again? anything nice about venue or presentation

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DT #179, 28 June 2014 (Duvel)   1 comment

Duvel The Doors Coffeeshop Amsterdam

It’s a fucking curse
Seeing through the other’s eyes
And having mirrors.

Name: Duvel
Type: pilsner
Venue: The Doors Coffeeshop, Amsterdam

Review/notes: I know loads of people get high right out on the streets in Amsterdam, but that is technically illegal and I’ve been busted for it twice already (typical Dutch police response, “if I find you doing this again I will have to write you a ticket”).  Out in quiet suburban neighbourhoods I’m pretty comfortable with it but there is too much to keep your eye on in central Amsterdam so I popped into a coffeeshop intending to get a coffee and a pastry; the Doors, however, had a full size bar set up inside (kind of a rarity).  Plus, it was peaceful with me the only smoker this morning.  Perfect.

The haiku came to me on the plane home…never look in the mirror on mushrooms.

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A few light words about Cancer   4 comments

BEFORE: No pain, but abscessed like this for months

BEFORE: No pain, but abscessed like this for months

I have had to explain, endlessly, the massive bandage on my neck. On the first day, I used the following:

“It’s a fresh neck tattoo of two pigs copulating with “Makin’ Bacon” written around it in Gothic script. I have to keep it covered for a few days.  I didn’t really think this through.”

“Ghanaian guy glassed me in the pub after the US went ahead 2-1.”

“Here’s a word of advice to the newlywed: if the wife has a fork in her hand, stay away from the last prawn on the platter.”

“Cut myself shaving.”

“Love bite…a really big one.”

“Chin tuck…loves me some cosmetic surgery, I do.  You realise I’m 73 years old, don’t you?”

“Cancer.” [note, this one evoked laughter more frequently than the tattoo story…bastards]

UPDATE: “Took a beating from the Filth last weekend.” Used this one at the Black Swan while talking to some crims.


wound 2014-06-18 0955s



I guess that I’ve been a PROFESSIONAL chemist for 20 or so years (although more of an engineer). In the decades preceding formal education, I was much more a ‘recreational’ chemist or, even, a semi-professional compounding pharmacist; in those days, there was a black joke (made all the more dark by its accuracy) that the carcinogens we absorbed during our experiments started the twenty-year clock on cancers that would emerge about the time we would be eligible for parole. To date my pancreas, liver, lungs, and kidneys continue to function without additional growth (exceeding medical expectations wildly).

But, this week I had a tumour cut off my neck. Turns out that being pale, freckled, prone to sunburn and living in the sunny climes of Hawaii, the deep south, the tropical Northern Territory of Australia, Baghdad, and Arizona for a total of 42 years (out of 52) has taken its toll. There will likely be more, but the first of what are certain to be many basal cell carcinomas appeared like an ingrown hair about a year ago. The resulting abscess appeared twice and healed but on the third shot I went to the GP.

Cancer keeps killing friends (especially the ones that lead relatively healthy lifestyles) while leaving the evil and poorly tended unscathed (my family being prime examples of the vile dregs of society that finally all died of something else, years beyond their sell-by date).  Mine was a fairly benign (literally and figuratively) growth which seems about right if this artificial morality scale holds true.  It’s going to be an awesome scar, too.

Once again, the NHS has been flawless and my expenses on this treatment have been around £4, including travel and medicine.



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DT #158, 7 June 2014 (Calvet Cabernet Franc rosé)   Leave a comment

Calvet Cabernet Franc Rose


Migraine. My Migraine.
Psychedelic Imitrex.
Relief at long last.

Name: Calvet Cabernet Franc rosé
Type: rosé wine
Venue: house

Review/notes: When I was a kid I suffered migraines two or three times per month (sometimes more frequently) and I used to self-medicate for them by using LSD.  Granted, I used acid once or twice per week (often in vastly higher doses than necessary) recreationally but the fact remains that it was always more effective than anything my physician was willing to prescribe (although I used those opiate based pills recreationally, too).  The sick headaches have subsided with time as has my use of powerful hallucinogens but one of the miracles of modern medicine is another ergot alkaloid based tablet named Imitrex (Imigran here in Europe)…and, I can get them over-the-counter for the two or three times per year I need one.

The wine was better than the salad topped with barbecued beef deserved.

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50 Years Ago: 22 November 1963   Leave a comment

huxley note

The famous last words most associated with today were NOT, “Hey, Connally, where’s that grassy knoll I’ve heard so much about?”  nor were they, “Okay, Tolkien, watch this!” No, they were written on a note from Aldous Huxley to his wife, Laura:

“LSD – try it
intramuscular [IM]
100 mmg” [mmg = μg]

Huxley developed cancer and by this time was unable to speak; Laura fulfilled these noble last wishes twice before he slipped away that afternoon.

That’s all I’m really qualified to say.  But, with JFK hogging most of the semi-centennial attention and CS Lewis (who also popped his clogs that Autumn day) getting a marker in Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey, a fan’s tribute on one of the main implementations of the dystopian New World of the internet seems àpropos.


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