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While slowly piecing together our bar, I finally tracked down a reasonably priced hardback edition of Mr. Boston, the guide we each cut our bartending teeth on. Normally, our household drinks menu is pretty spartan: I’ll have two shots of bourbon with 4 ounces club soda or a large single malt (neat, as God intended) in a clean snifter (because I’m ever so dainty and because I like to watch it reflux on the glass); Jackie tends toward V&T (with a slice of lime if it is a special occasion). But, for the rare entertainment opportunity we plan to stock the fixings of beverages for adult drinkers. That said, the prohibition on sweetened carbonated soft drinks (colas) still stands, mind.

It is a good read and a solid piece of reference material to have around. It is especially nice that this one (unlike those I’ve had in the past) is organised around the base liquors: sections on rum, whisky, brandy, vodka, etc. make cocktail roulette with whatever supplies on hand an easier proposition than the alphabetized editions in the past: picture opening to the random page and getting “a Champs Élysée, then…fetch me the brandy, yellow Chartreuse, lemons, confectioners’ sugar, and bitters.” Of special note, modernised recipes give the old ingredients for the possibility of a ‘taste off’ but the booze load is all modern (and, slightly higher than older copies); some, but not all, of the old recipes with raw eggs or egg whites omit them without such mention in this newer edition.


Page 12, above, was my favourite, so far, at first glance since I misunderstood its instructions. As I initially read it, lunch for four people starts with 24 cocktails (or glasses of wine), then 24 more glasses of wine with the lunch and 16 liqueurs to finish. And, the more people at the gathering, the more each is served: an evening out four 4 people is a very reasonable 64 drinks but if the party is 10 strong, 400 drinks are in order.  Having a couple over for the day would certainly wind up with us in hospital.

It makes me think of the social drinkers I’ve known in the past and…hang on…I may not be so wrong after all.

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