DT #354, 20 December 2014 (Pecker Wrecker)   2 comments

Pecker Wrecker

“Is this for Christmas?”
“No, Love, this is the Solstice.
“It’s something for REAL.”

Name: Pecker Wrecker
Type: bitter
Venue: Green Dragon, Market Lavington

Review/notes: I got on the bus to Devizes and sat near the front hoping one of the large-window seats would become free in a few stops only to immediately recognize the couple in the left-most seat were trapped in a moronic conversation with the Tardette to their right. The bus pulled up to the very next stop and a middle-aged dude in biking leathers toting a very large backpack and reeking of campfire smoke (he must have kipped the night on the rail trail below) found his way upstairs.  We met as I was moving back a row or two for leg room and he seemed to be thinking the same thing as me: “who let this old freak on the bus?”

The old couple escaped at Wroughton and Mr Natural pounced on the seat only to face the Tardette’s interrogation, which he suffered with great humour (the haiku is made from direct quotes of their conversation). He was heading to Avebury for the celebrations along with countless old hippies and New Age tossers you could see milling about with their billowy garments and self-satisfied countenances.

I like the Solstice well enough but I don’t get any sort of spiritual kick from it.  I hadn’t even clocked that it was tonight until this moment on the bus, but during the run through muddy trails to Market Lavington with the Sun blinding me, hung as low as it gets all year this time of day, I kept thinking about how nice it is that the days will now extend a little every day for 6 months.  Well, that and the fact that I could get a beer soon.

Pecker Wrecker pump clip

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