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What a bunch of dicks   4 comments

With a proper southern accent, I present you with I Like Dicks, Happy Dicks and Clawed Dicks:

{and the uncomically named Billy Florence, of course.}  My thanks to the UGA Chemistry Department newsletter for keeping me abreast [heh-heh] of happenings back home (see, guys, I DO read this thing).

It really makes you wonder, though, why they couldn’t get the grandpa, Harry, to come out for the tournament.

balls!   Leave a comment

I went to the Home Base to buy some suet balls to attract migratory birds to shit on my clothesline, and got a nice chuckle when I found them on this shelf:

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Internet filters help   Leave a comment

Sometimes if you use Google you are glad you have the adult filters turned on.  A few years ago I tried to find something for Jamie’s birthday because she was a big Roy Rogers fan as a kid, but “Roy Rogers” as an internet search can deliver you some wild gay porn.  Here’s another Google search that could go wrong for you, but didn’t for me:

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Dates were not on the shopping list   Leave a comment

At Tesco, how could I resist this product:

eat me

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Chippies   1 comment

spotted whilst driving thru North yorkshire

spotted whilst driving thru North yorkshire

Fish and chip shops in England almost always have some sort of clever name, like the one above I spotted in a village near York. Here are a few more:

“The Frying Scotsman”
“A Fish called Rhondda”
“Oh My Cod” and “Cod Help Us” and “The Codfather” and “Codrophenia”
“A Salt ‘N’ Battered”
“{owner’s name here} Plaice” and “A Summer Plaice”
“I’ve Haddock Up To Here”

I’m sure there’ll be more as I spot them now that I’ve tuned into this

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Sign spotted on a farm during a run   Leave a comment

The recession can’t be all THAT bad if this is a viable business:

hat hire

Yep, that’s for all your hat rental needs in the Suffolk-Cambridgeshire corridor.

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Cod pieces   1 comment

In America, there is a snack food of devil’s food cake with a cream filling and chocolate icing known as Ding Dongs throughout most of the US, but the makers thought better of it (considering the imaturity of the customer base and the likelihood of snickering and potential for de facto homophobia-related boycotting) and renamed the same product King Dons.

The American South (which shares with the English the inability to discuss body parts or bodily functions with a straight face) is not alone, it seems, since here in Britain Birdseye renamed their Battered Cod Pieces (now that is funny) as Fish Fingers.

This was brought to my attention from the above pub menu excerpt sent as an email attachment, and since then I have heard it brought up on BBC Radio 4 a few times.  The pub in question is in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, unfortunately, but I hope to find an example here just so I can ask, too loudly, for some delicious, hot cod pieces in a strange pub.

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