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DT #310, 6 November 2014 (Ellgood’s Cambridge Bitter)   Leave a comment

Ellgood's Cambridge Bitter


Pint of nostalgia.
Learning to drink in the fens
Although a short course.

Name: Ellgood’s Cambridge Bitter
Type: bitter
Venue: Four Candles, Oxford

Review/notes: Odd to see an Ellgood’s brew in Oxford but a welcome sight, indeed.  Brakspear could learn a thing or two about the production end of the business from these Wisbech ladies.  This beer was, indeed, bitter, but with layers of hop that maintain their individual flavours. Welcome trip down memory lane to our first year in England, back east in Cambridgeshire/East Anglia.

As this blog winds down (fear not: it will continue at Drunken Bunny), I have been meaning to look back over my old posts from the first to now and list my own personal favourites (about once per month I really knock one for six, but most of the others — like this one — are just there for duty’s sake).  This Ellgood’s pint prompted me to start and I just got through February and March of 2009.  By the time this blog fills, I should be easily through December 2014.

Ellgood's Cambridge Bitter pump

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Otter Claus [Advent Booze Calendar: 5 Days Till Xmas]   2 comments

otter claus


Biased by our personal histories we are forced to judge the world accordingly.  I know, and have known for a long time, that the Otter Brewery is down in Devon but my first Otter Bitter was nearly five years ago in the Lazy Otter near Stretham (on the River Ouse) then every other pub I hit on the Great Ouse seemed also to stock the stuff, so I have a very Fen-centric view of the brews.  Today in the Fork Handles I found Otter Claus waiting for me.

Overall: Not much different from Otter’s Bitter, but that’s not a complaint.

Colour: Streets by the Wisbech docks after a flood, ferric red/brown.

Aroma: A spring jog along the mouth of the Great Ouse close to the Great Wash, with cereal growing in the fields and sugar beet fumes billowing from the factories.

Mouth: Medium but a bit sticky.  I’m sure this would prompt an argument with those that know better but it’s an argument that reminds me of pointing out how heavy the accents in East Anglia actually are (like Californians, they think they don’t have an accent, and like Californians they are dead, fucking wrong).

Flavour: All business: bitter, curt, and sharp; but, also a farm business with some of the social niceties left intact, like the floral scents in the aftertaste.

Yesterday’s entry here.

The Aldreth Causeway   Leave a comment

The Aldreth Causeway was the path by which William the Conquerer was able to invade the Isle of Ely and eventually defeat the forces of Hereward the Wake.  For me, it is a nice fen trail that gets me between Haddenham and Wililngham fairly quickly on my long runs and with a minimum amount of traffic.  Here are some historic information signs from the footpaths:

aldreth causeway

aldreth causeway highways abd byways

aldreth causeway belsars hill

Apple assault   Leave a comment

Here is another article from my local paper, with some links to national news.


Best line:

“I assure you the problem of throwing fruit is no joke.”

Father arrested for carrying out citizen’s arrest on yobs ‘who threw apples at him and his wife’ (Mail)

Seriously, though, kids are out of control here.

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Personal use in Great Britain   Leave a comment

Here’s an article wherein a couple receive suspended sentences for growing 83 marijuana plants because they are heavy users and the judge found it plausible that this was meant for personal use.

Cannabis growers with £26k stash spared jail

First consider that the plants were valued at £26000, total…that’s a little less than $500 US.  The newspapers in the US typically value a cannibas stem as $5000 to $6000.

Then, consider that even crappy growers are going to bet an ounce of buds off each plant (dunno how I know that).  If half are males and discarded, the 41 ounces (forget that they could easily harvest up to as much as 300 ounces) they have sitting around the would easily keep two stoners going for 6 months to a year if they lost half of it (and what are the chances of that).

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Students losing their priorities   Leave a comment

The students, if they can call themselves such after this, at Anglia Ruskin University have converted their student union bar into a gymnasium…another sign that something is seriously wrong with the youth of today:

look at this jackass, he needs a beer and some smokes

look at this jackass, he needs a beer and some smokes

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Stretham crime in the news 22 Sept 2009   Leave a comment

topsytimMy sleepy little village is all over the news, lately.  Primarily, we have been watched because of the just ended trial, conviction, and sentencing of a mom that stabbed her two teenage daughters to death here two years ago:

Then, just last Sunday morning an 81-year-old childrens book author (who has sold more than 21 million copies of her Topsy and Tim series) was mugged by a teenager as she left the village store:

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