Bath Ale Festivity [Advent Booze Calendar: 6 Days Till Xmas]   2 comments

bath ales festivity


Tomorrow is the last day that the labs are officially open until the Winterval ends and even though we’re both working throughout most of the holidays the feasting must go on.  Tonight I’m preparing tomorrow’s roast pork shoulder by unrolling it, giving it a dry rub with fennel seeds, cumin, garlic powder, cinnamon, and oregano then spiking the skin and fat with some cloves and re-rolling it around apple slices doused with rice vinegar, soy and fish sauces the juice of a wedge of lemon (antioxidant).  It will go in the slow cooker sometime around noon to be taken out for tea…yum. The beer that stood by me through the effort was Bath Ale’s Festivity.

Overall: My general disappointment with the Christmas ales lacks merit when 3 are already in my short list for next year before this one joined them.  Not what most would call a session beer at 5% abv, it would definitely go with some rich snacks — some stinky cheese or foie gras or steamed clams…ah, the Christmas feasting takes the lead over the lab maintenance….

Colour: The brown-black of spent vacuum pump oil, much of which I will see in the coming weeks.

Aroma: Faint but lightly scented of yeast and lighter still of agar plates.

Mouth: Full bodied and bold.  A porter with the mouth of a stout, but slips the tongue like fine port.

Flavour: A little sweeter than I expected but not cloying.  A bit like a chilled coffee or a chocolate espresso bean.  Maybe a bit of toast (or else I might be having a stroke).

Yesterday’s entry here.

2 responses to “Bath Ale Festivity [Advent Booze Calendar: 6 Days Till Xmas]

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