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Crown and Anchor, Ramsbury, Wiltshire   4 comments

crown and anchor ramsbury

A cool day made warm by a four mile jog away from the latest effort in Global G-Had (map at the GH4 site); in fact, it was made fairly steamy and I felt the need for refreshment.  It wasn’t planned this way but the nearest pub turned out to be the Crown and Anchor, coincidentally the same as the shirt I was out to break in.  Serendipity of this magnitude cannot be ignored and I was soon sitting in this quiet house with an Usher’s 1824 in hand…first of many beers for the new togs.

crown and anchor ramsbury bee smr


It wasn’t the only coincidence.  The shirt’s original supplier almost monthly posts a missive from a Grateful Dead themed bar, although in Colorado it would be hard to find one that isn’t.  Looking out the window I spotted this:

crown and anchor ramsbury window


Speaking of dead, it was like a morgue in the pub.  Too bad, as it has a lot of nice architectural features and some old accoutrements of the past.  If the house looks familiar, you might have read “Band of Brothers,” as Herbert Sobel of Easy Company set up some training facilities all over the surrounding countryside.  Neither the first of the pubs I’ve visited that has a link to these guys nor likely the last (in fact, later in the day I hit the Wheatsheaf in Chilton Foliat), it is an honour to drain a glass amongst their ghosts.

crown and anchor ramsbury historic taps

Crown and Wanker, Austin TX and G-Had #21 Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire   2 comments

crown and wanker new shirt sm

Half a bottle of flour remaining, to use on the return trip….

Okay, I haven’t been to the Crown and Anchor or, if I have, it was in one of my drunken stupors* during graduate school (I seemed to wake up in Austin frequently).  This has more to do with the Drunken Bunny shirt offer last month…and it looks more like a yuppie-themed dive than anything as authentically dive-y as the Scumdown, where I first got tore-up with the shirt’s source (see below).

The call to G-Had was hot so I headed to Chilton Foliat to test drive the new shirt, just arrived from a wanker I know in Colorado [btw, I need to have some new Drunken Bunny shirts made to get your size, Brownie]. It comes from a dive in Austin, the Crown and Anchor, and has been in transit since 15 October according to the US Customs stamp (the delay, no doubt, has to do with the liberal dope laws in Colorado as does the obvious tampering with the packaging).  An extra-large, it makes the outer layer of cold weather running kit but it might shrink once laundered … although that is unlikely to happen until a stranger comments on the odour — some traditions must be upheld.

Chilton Foliat is a nice little village in the Kennet valley with steep hills on either side of the river and a pub that doesn’t open till noon so I left the bus stop to pollute the trail and to make my way to Ramsbury where, as luck would have it, my first pint wearing the new shirt would be at the Crown and Anchor (link to follow).  This was auspicious and as such I didn’t even realise the fact until I was making plans to hit the Bell at the bottom of the hill just as I was reaching the bottom of my glass.

wheatsheaf chilton foliat now you see it  wheatsheaf chilton foliat now you don't

The trot back involved more trail help for the NWH3 and ended at the Wheatsheaf where the mysterious vanishing cue ball — not experienced since The King’s Arms in All Cannings (coincidentally also with a lesbian motif, there only decorative) — recurred … Brownie, this deserves a spot of honour when it arrives (and where the fuck is my gnome?).


*As Bob Dylan once sang:

“I may look like the Mayor of Toronto,
But, I feel just like Jesse James.”

Drunken Bunny T-Shirts offer   4 comments

db tshirt sm for blog

UPDATE 15 October 2013:  The order has been placed, and I think I got all the sizes requested, plus the running vests and the sweatshirt hoody.  They should arrive by a week from Friday so I’ll start sending them out before the end of the month.  Thanks for the interest.

I’m putting together an order for new t-shirts.  If you want one, here’s the deal:

They cost you one t-shirt from a dive bar in your area OR a t-shirt from a lower-level sporting team from your area (think Savannah Sand Gnats or Tucson Toros or Peoria Rivermen or Toledo Mudhens or Chicago Cubs, etc). Small university shirts (Troy State, Chattanooga State Technical Community College, etc), will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

HOWEVER, if it is a team, it has to be a minor league AND you have to include a payment of

£15 – £15 x (12000 minus miles_as_the_bird_flies) ÷12000

to get the Drunken Bunny shirt.  For instance, if you want to trade for the Ghana National Baseball Team Shirt from Accra, that is 4280 miles from the house so I would expect the Buy Me A Beer account to see a deposit of

£15 – £15 x (12000 – 4280) ÷ 12000 = £5.35

but someone with a Bristol Badgers shirt could get it for 6 pence (truth be told I would probably go buy one next year).  Sydney Blue Sox, who originally pissed me off by their draconian shipping charges, would need to deposit £13.30.  First shirt that arrives per team or venue, only (hurry, I need clothes).

Real dive bars, only, please…you know who you are (I’m looking at you, Meet Rack).

Check with me first ( ) as only the first shirt of its species qualifies and we’ll need to exchange shipping details.  Offer ends when I place the shirt order.

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Removing Racism from (and De-Hashing) the Wardrobe: March 2013 Update   5 comments

The t-shirt retirements continue, with the race shirts joining the exodus started by the hashing shirts…the up-to-date map of the hashing shirt gravesites is here.

3 March: At first glance this might seem out of place, but two things make this particular shirt dumping hash relevant.  First, it is in the loo of the Hare and Hounds (as hashy a pub name as you could hope for). Second and more to the point, I traded a Gypsies hash sweatshirt for a Carolina Trash t-shirt that was too tight on the poor shivering owner, and they say chivalry is dead; the first month in England a barman spilt my beer on that shirt and I traded him it for the shirt we have at hand:

hare and hounds devizes guinness shirt

16 March: The Thame 10K shirt is another dual-qualifying garment as the night before the race we stayed up till the early morning drinking and listening to old records the night before so that I spent the first portion of the pre-race vomiting…good times.  This one, with the date and distance but not the race name (just the lone sponsor’s logo), was dumped in the Plume of Feathers as I changed into some dry clothing.

thame 10k shirt plume of feathers hungerford

30 March: One of the few races I ran under my given name (or, at least, my family given name) while there, the 2006 Tucson Marathon was also my best ever performance at the distance as I steamed ahead of a half-dozen hash relay teams and snagged the first–nay, first three–beers as the jHavelina HHH beer check was still setting up.  Also, a guy I hobbled along with the last two miles collapsed in the finishing chute and died as the emergency crews tried to help.  Excellent day for me, not so much for the better athlete.

The shirt, like its caretaker these many years, is frayed, a bit too thin to be seen in public, and inappropriate in professional situations.  We both visited the Ludgershall Castle, but only one of us returned.

2006 tucson marathon shirt ludgershall castle 2

The Hare and Hounds, Devizes, Wiltshire   3 comments

hare and hounds devizes sign

I left the New Inn with the warm feeling that you get from meeting some really pleasant folks (and having three pints in the early afternoon).  I also left with some decent directions to Devizes and soon found myself at the final pub on my day’s list, the Hare and Hounds.

2013-03-03 from new inn to hare and hounds

The Hare and Hounds was an immediately welcoming place and though packed with punters I found a seat at the bar where a wiggly Staffordshire Terrier started cleaning the sheep shit from my shoes for me. I had a Wadworth seasonal ale of some sort but it tasted like any other. Several more dogs joined the first until I made a sucking sound with my teeth (trying to coax some interesting flavour from the beer, albeit not as interesting as the pooches were after) and they all went and sat near their respective humans.

hare and hounds devizes nice shelf

“I often think if I was blue tack,
I’d like to prop up on a rack.”
–after Betjeman’s “I often think that I would like to be a saddle on a bike”

The conversation turned to dog training and how utterly stupid dogs are, but in a good, loyal, and lovable way. The training of greatest interest, only coincident with the name of the pub, was in hunting hares; when I turned to listen one guy seemed to feel obliged to say that hares escape most of the time: “they turn on a six-pence but a dog has a top-heavy momentum, like.” Not that it matters one way or the other to me…varmints.

hare and hounds devizes

Removing Racism from (and De-Hashing) the Wardrobe: February 2013 Progress   Leave a comment

The t-shirt retirements continue, with the race shirts joining the exodus started by the hashing shirts…the up-to-date map of the hashing shirt gravesites is here.

8 February: The run was Calne to Chippenham, the shirt visited 3 pubs (it should have felt comfortable with that), and got dumped ignominiously behind the loo…at least it was face-up, unlike its former wearer (well, it has happened).

gispert birthday 2010 hash shirt

13 February: Although neither a race shirt nor a hashing shirt, my Southern Arizona Road Runners shirt qualifies as both.  A large organisation, I went entirely unnoticed my first year as a member despite taking 3rd in the Grand Prix for my age group; I re-joined under my hashing name and Slow Ride (Slow being short for Winslow) took 1st in the Grand Prix.  Dry-rotting off my body, I left this one on the banks of the flooded Cherwell at the Mesopotamia Causeway in Oxford:

SAzRR shirt in Mesopotamia floods

14 February: The Brakspear shirt is nearly new and I only wear it as an undergarment due to it being a smallish medium and fairly inelastic.  I’m counting it amongst the Racing shirts, though, because it was ‘won’ by completing the Brakspear ale trail of 10 pints in ten places on a map they provided…two days (hmmm, so it sort of qualifies as a hashing shirt, too).  On an old chair in the alleyway archipelago.


17 February: This would have to rate as another double-dipper (both a race shirt and honourary hashing shirt)–I ran the Snowdonia Marathon, hilly and shiggy rich and muddy and rainy and cold, whilst stopping at every open pub on the route for a pint (write up here includes links to pub reviews along the way).  Left on a traffic sign at a bridge on the rail trail path during part of the Every Trail in Old Town project, the elastic was completely shot in it and it hung more like a rag than a garment–just the way I like but leaving it to fend for itself in the wilds will attenuate the tutting from the woman:

Snowdonia Marathon shirt RIP on rail trail

19 February: As this project continues I am seeing that many of the race shirts also technically qualify as hashing shirts.  Yet another was drawn from the big drawer of tees this morning–the Swindon Half Marathon which included, for me, an extra mile as I detoured off course for one pub before hitting another on the course–and as I was running part of the Every Trail In Old Town project in the afternoon it got ‘retired’ on a Christmas tree dumped near the Devizes Road bridge on the rail trail:

swindon half marathon 2011 shirt on old town rail trail

Now, here’s a legitimate hashing shirt and completely personalized: the Full Moon Monsoon 69th Anal-versary Hash-A-Thong was the brainchild of Company Cock at the Huachuca HHH (Sierra Vista, AZ).  Thirteen hashes in twelve days was the ultimate goal but living 70 miles away from the sponsoring hash put me at a slight disadvantage.  For example, although I got absolutely shitfaced at the 28 July  Huachuca HHH before haring that afternoon’s jHavelina HHH in Tucson, regular readers of this blog will recognize that this is not typical of my running and drinking behaviour.  The shirt was customized to reflect my substitute trails and I was pretty happy to have hit 11 in that time.

FMMHAT shirt front FMMHAT shirt back


I was in Eynsham to visit Siemens the day an Oxford HHH trail was scheduled from the White Hart, so I did a course around the perimeter of twon and found a tree to thread it onto.  Hope someone finds it:

FMMHAT map  FMMHAT shirt final resting place


Removing Racism from the Wardrobe: Introductory comments   2 comments

sober challenge 2007


The hashing shirts are dwindling but I will continue my efforts to eradicate them.  On a somewhat related note, I have accumulated an undue number of shirts for participating in foot races.  Racism of any sort is an ugly thing, but middle-aged dudes in race t-shirts are an especially horrendous sight (almost as bad as middle-aged dudes that use the word, “dude”).  With luck, I will have decorated the countryside with the last of these abominations by the end of summer.

I can’t promise they will all go…some are actually very comfy.  And, like some of the hashing-related-but-not-hashing shirts (like the borderline ‘classic’ form of racism shirt above, used at the First 30-Pack Marathon) I simply find too funny to relinquish, I’ll still have some of my age-inappropriate togs until they dry rot or are cut away by emergency medical technicians.  Now that the move is finished it is time to start building up running mileage again, and with that comes shirt disposal but first:

...said the Irishman, or Scotsman, Pikey, Pole or Russian (and I hear Sikhs and Abo's soak it up, too)

…said the Irishman, or Scotsman, Pikey, Pole or Russian (and I hear Sikhs and Abo’s soak it up, too)


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