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I don’t know why this hasn’t occurred to me before…the site has always been, and remains, non-commercial and sponsor-free so I can mouth off about anything I want in as rude terms as I can muster.  BUT, if you feel like it’s your round go to PayPal (button below) and buy my next beer (or just give me money).  I’ll post when I spend the cash so you know it was used appropriately.


Typical amounts you might consider:

£3 — thanks for the pint (you can give less, but I won’t mention it if you do).

£5 — pint and some pork scratchings…nomnomnom!

£15 — mini pub crawl, 5 pints/5 pubs

£30,000 — I’ll buy into a lease at my own pub (and you drink free)

£400,000 — I’ll buy a run-down freehold (and you and your rich buddies drink free)

£3M — Let’s be honest, if this happens I’ll just move to Cornwall and you’ll never hear from me again.

The button really works.  There’s no refunds because nothing is offered except for acknowledgement that you have enabled my addiction.  Cheers.

Posted 2012/08/09 by Drunken Bunny

9 responses to “Buy me a beer

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  2. Floyd was first through the gates just a few hours after I posted this nonsense. Thanks a lot, buddy, I’ll do you up a pub visit tomorrow or Saturday. The rest of you…your shout.

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  5. I will happily buy you a pint of Dormunder Vier at my Pub The New Harp Inn Hoarwithy HR2 6QH

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