Beer and David Tennant for Someone Else’s Birthday   3 comments

at st aldates post office

A nice day on St Aldates, Oxford

I followed David Tennant‘s career since Early Doors, then Shameless, and his film career including Last King of Scotland and I even tolerated Wanted…hang on, a colleague has just pointed out I’m thinking of James McAvoy.  Oh well, David Tennant is okay, too.

A friend’s daughter (Stateside) seems fond enough of him, though.  Her dad, a photographer I met at the Meet Rack (and who shot the otherwise unacknowledged photo of me during my CNN interview for the 30 Pack Marathon), used the ‘Buy Me A Beer’ page to put in a compelling request for assistance for her birthday present.  Needing someone with access to Royal Mail, I was tapped to send the SASE mentioned in this letter:

note to tennant

The Helen Mirren Stamp is the £1.88 overseas postage; the other is domestic 1st Class and just added on for the birthday girl

Knowing this guy, it could just be for a stripper.  In fact, I rather hope that’s the case (he says her ‘mother’ is going to shoot some video).  In the meantime, I don’t really care since he sent along enough Paypal pounds to buy the office supplies and postage and a few beers (the first one of which, at the Bear, Oxford, can be seen just above the souvenir stamps…I threw in the Dr. Who stamp of Tennant and kept the rest for my own use).

dr who stamps and first beer at the bear

Pre-lunch half pint of Chiswick for the Doctor (that is to say, me)

So we can call it at 11:55 British Summer Time the 19th of June 2013, the request and supporting materials were posted to the Victorian postbox on South Parks Road.  Godspeed.

on its way

3 responses to “Beer and David Tennant for Someone Else’s Birthday

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  1. Love the stamps! And you were way-nice to do that for the gal.

    • I did it for the dad, an old acquaintance but a nice enough guy. Plus, he bought me beer (I think I mentioned my beer-whoreyness previously).

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