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Mission Statement

This blog is intended for the author’s friends and acquaintances mostly in the US, the Netherlands, and a few here in the UK.  Others are welcome to read, but I really couldn’t give less of a runny shit if you do nor, if you do, whether or not you enjoy it.  On the other hand, if you do, then that’s just grand.

This chronicles my leisure activities in the UK which is to say running mid-to-long distances and visiting pubs.  I also cook and drink copious volumes of wine and am on a never-ending quest to find a good, reasonably priced bourbon imported to this country.  The news is an endless source of material, and scantily clad ladies appear from time to time.  I hate other hypocrites but wallow in my own hypocrisy.  That is the beauty of owning the blog.


This is not a public forum.  You are welcome to submit comments but that doesn’t mean they will appear, or even appear as you intend them to.  You don’t have to like it, but you do have to live with it.

If I think your comment is well-meaning but poorly spelled or grammatically incorrect, I may make corrections; I taught at the premier military journalism training post (the Defence Information School) until just after the invasion of Grenada and despite my own poor writing style actually know what I am doing.

If I think you are an asshole, I may delete text (up to all of it) to highlight that fact.  Or, add you to the spam filter, or both.  It’s my blog, go fuck yourself.

When you submit your post for approval it will appear on your browser as you submitted it.  Until I make a decision about it, it will continue to pop up on your browser with a note at the top of your pending post stating that it is awaiting approval.  It will not appear on your drinking buddies’ browser nor, indeed, on another browser on your internet surfing device (you might have heard of Cookies).  If approved, that note goes away and it appears in whatever format I decided to approve it; if not, it disappears into my vaults.


The WordPress form requires you insert something that looks like an Email address.  I won’t attempt to contact you by it mainly because email carries with it too much information about location and time.  I’m paranoid about privacy as should you be.

I DO store all comments submitted and they DO have all sorts of info that travels along with them, such as the URL from which you are writing.  I DO NOT, as of this writing, sell any of this info but that is only because no one has offered me anything for it.

In the past, I have developed friendships with the IT people at police departments in Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire who have made legitimate (in my opinion) requests for this info.

Content (other than as described above)-Content-Content-Content

This blog is not sponsored.  Things that you may consider to be reviews are not reviews but merely snapshots of my visit.

I understand being protective of your local; I have been very fond of my locals when I lived in Stretham and in Bicester but had I visited just passing through would have probably thought them fairly bland-to-shit (and there were definitely better places in Ely or Launton).  If I’m treated badly I will probably write about that ill treatment.  If nothing interesting happens, I may not write about the place at all but instead about what I read that visit (please, try to have a decent newspaper, landlords).  Most places are just brief refuelling stops as I explore this wonderful land on foot at about 8 minutes per mile.

I also run off at the mouth about all sorts of other things most of which I know nothing about (such as ukeleles, piano playing, drumming, and a variety of other meagre musical talents I inflict on close acquaintances), and so don’t limit myself to any one thing or another.  These are all part of the Mission Statement (see above).

None of the photos I have taken are copyrighted.  Use them any way you feel like (I fully expect to see dicks Photoshopped onto my head from the Arizona crowd).

First one in, from Charlotte the Harlot...of course. Time of arrival, 19:09 British Summer Time. Thanks, you psychotic bitch (I mean that in the nicest possible context).

Posted 2012/03/30 by Drunken Bunny

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