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UPDATE 15 October 2013:  The order has been placed, and I think I got all the sizes requested, plus the running vests and the sweatshirt hoody.  They should arrive by a week from Friday so I’ll start sending them out before the end of the month.  Thanks for the interest.

I’m putting together an order for new t-shirts.  If you want one, here’s the deal:

They cost you one t-shirt from a dive bar in your area OR a t-shirt from a lower-level sporting team from your area (think Savannah Sand Gnats or Tucson Toros or Peoria Rivermen or Toledo Mudhens or Chicago Cubs, etc). Small university shirts (Troy State, Chattanooga State Technical Community College, etc), will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

HOWEVER, if it is a team, it has to be a minor league AND you have to include a payment of

£15 – £15 x (12000 minus miles_as_the_bird_flies) ÷12000

to get the Drunken Bunny shirt.  For instance, if you want to trade for the Ghana National Baseball Team Shirt from Accra, that is 4280 miles from the house so I would expect the Buy Me A Beer account to see a deposit of

£15 – £15 x (12000 – 4280) ÷ 12000 = £5.35

but someone with a Bristol Badgers shirt could get it for 6 pence (truth be told I would probably go buy one next year).  Sydney Blue Sox, who originally pissed me off by their draconian shipping charges, would need to deposit £13.30.  First shirt that arrives per team or venue, only (hurry, I need clothes).

Real dive bars, only, please…you know who you are (I’m looking at you, Meet Rack).

Check with me first ( doborodin@gmail.com ) as only the first shirt of its species qualifies and we’ll need to exchange shipping details.  Offer ends when I place the shirt order.

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