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manor swindon sign 2

I first visited the Manor in April 2011 when I did a run around the recreation grounds behind it starting from my house on Ferndale Road. I took the normal photos — used in this post as very little has changed — usually included in one of these write-ups and even remember the visit as pleasant with some sporting discussion that interrupted my enjoyment of some cricket match on tele involving the Dutch women’s squad (yum).

manor swindon pond  manor swindon pond signs

It was only when (unsuccessfully) trying to find the entry on that run to help plan a GH4 trail that I realised I never wrote up that pub visit (I wonder how many others I’ve missed…it wasn’t in the spreadsheet either, so at least the total count is intact if not necessarily true). Damn the luck: I would have to stop for another beer; but since the G-Had always comes first, I would need to drink up in time to go out and soil trail at least by 6:45 pm (as the target hash claims a 7:00 start time). Details of the attack will appear soon at the G-Had website (for members).

manor swindon beer before g-had


I settled in near the stage with an Arkell’s 3B but never spotted any of my quarry.  The music was a bit loud and came from the tele which was tuned to a digital radio channel for a non-stop 80’s programme.  Most of the patrons seemed there just after work so I slipped into my running kit without being spotted by any of the hashers and slid out into the trails.  Another successful visit, I think (minus the women’s cricket, I guess).

manor swindon

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