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DT #292, 19 October 2014 (Colonel’s Whiskers)   Leave a comment

Colonel's Whiskers


This is certainly
A perfect mid-Summer day
In mid-October.

Name: Colonel’s Whiskers
Type: mild
Venue: The Savoy, Swindon

Review/notes: Trekked down to the Morrison’s for grocery shopping and passed the Christadelphian Church (this week’s sign, below, cracks me up — it’s like the Reverend Ee-yore is presiding):

Swindon Christadelphian sign 1

Oh, bother.

To steel my nerves for the shopping hell to come, I popped into the Savoy for another dark beer (the ale fest I hit yesterday continues into next month).  Fairly thin on the mouth but otherwise quite nice.  I wouldn’t call it a mild, myself; speaking of mild, what is with this fucking weather?  It’s gorgeous.

Colonel's Whiskers pump clip

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DT #110, 20 April 2014 (Leffe Blond)   Leave a comment

Leffe Blonde and pork roast

Give me some pig meat
And a bottle of bee-er
A good suggestion.

Name: Leffe Blond
Type: pale ale
Recipe: Pork shoulder soaked in juice from dill pickled habañero (Scotch bonnet) peppers and cooked at 150°C for several hours.  {Menu choice has to be credited to an old acquaintance who sent the traditional southerner’s Easter wish of a good day involving some pig meat…and, the link in the haiku is credited to the menu choice.}
Venue: house

Review/notes: Slightly cloudy like a weiß and wheaty to back up that claim but with a tropical fruit nose and mouth that I think is grand.  And, Jackie thinks it is foul so it’s mine, all mine.

Oh, this turned up on ‘Have I Got News For You,” a banner for the Wig and Pen with some poorly thought out design:


wig and penis open

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DT #107, 17 April 2014 (Guinness)   Leave a comment

Guinness and steak

Yes, Doggy Styles
Is an actual bid’ness
Here in Swindon Town.

Name: Guinness
Type: stout
Recipe: Cheap cut of steak, browned quickly.  Smear with some Greek yoghurt on both sides, throw in some spring onions and bell pepper and a splash of stout. Simmer for 15 minutes, then turn it and put on some oven chips.  Serve when the chips are done.
Venue: house

Review/notes: It’s Guinness.  It’s good for you.

I love rude puns in business names.  This one is for a pet groomer:

Doggy Styles


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Saffron Sign Update   Leave a comment

saffron faringdon 2013-12-31 b

It took longer than I thought, but the Saffron sign is finally falling (first spotted the loose bit above on New Year’s Eve a full 9 months after first mentioning it).  Still hasn’t injured anyone but it has been in this state for at least 3 days now.

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The Bell, Ramsbury, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

bell ramsbury sign

As deathly silent as the Crown and Anchor was, the Bell, just down the hill a few hundred steps, was lively. It may have just been the time of day but I think that the Ikea-esque decor appeals more to the new breed of Ramsbury residents more so than the traditional carpet and coal fire of the C&A. Maybe it is different at night (there’s music at the Crown); I hope so.

bell ramsbury hydrant signs

Not that there’s anything wrong with the Bell. Far from it, it does a smashing job with the local ales and has a compelling wine list and food that tempts you to just cut the run short and tuck in. I was brave in the face of such stunning victuals, though, and got all my nourishment from a pint of stout (which seemed a bit on the cold side and tasted a bit more like a spicy porter , but hey-ho!).

bell ramsbury silver pig stout

Oh, right. I noticed the hydrant plaques on my way in, one with the metric units and another, painted over, with the Imperial measures. I really like when I find the older ones and wish to chastise the painter for covering the thing. On a related note, I saw “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” on DVD a few weeks ago and in the first few minutes Smiley goes to a phone box and on the wall behind him is a metric labeled hydrant sign — tsk, they were barely into decimal money at the time the story is set and there’s no way the signage would be so European. Pheh.

bell ramsbury

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Hannah Twynnoy and the “Ladies” of Malmesbury   3 comments

hannah twynnoy 1

I don’t know if you can make it out from the photograph, but the gravestone — in the grounds of Malmesbury Abbey, which we visited this week — is for Hannah Twynnoy, a barmaid that was the first person killed by a tiger in Britain.  It reads:

Hannah Twynnoy
Who died October 23rd, 1703
Aged 33 Years

In bloom of life
She’s snatched from hence.
She had not room
To make defence;
For Tyger fierce
Took life away
And here she lies
In a bed of clay
Until the Resurrection Day.

Truly fantastic.  Malmesbury has great signage everywhere, though.  Read this one out loud, for instance (an advert for a knitting circle but sounds like a lady-boy support group):

malmesbury chicks with sticks

Hydrant Signs   1 comment

hydrant imperial units great haseley

Along with postboxes, a new obsession is what school kids hear are taught to call “street furniture.”  These include the bits of signage that direct emergency workers to, amongst other things, service valves and fire hydrants (such as the marker in this article).  Most hydrant markers you see are labeled with the pipe size in millimeters above the line and the distance in meters below; There are a few still around with Imperial measures (unless fires are to be put out with a 3mm water service located 22 meters away–enormous pressure would be needed!).

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