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Buttercross Inn, Chippenham   Leave a comment

Buttercross Inn Chippenham


Pretty sure that I had done every pub in Chippenham, I was pleased and surprised to find the Buttercross Inn.  Even more so that they had stacks of cider boxes to choose from…we were drawn in like gnats.  Very nice couple running the place, but still familiar…then it struck me: this was the Four Seasons in another life.  It looks really good both inside and out.  Music accompanies the cider fest this weekend (26-28 September 2014).

Oh, right, the house employs a character I first encountered at the Rose and Crown (one of my favourite pubs in town).  Here’s a wee story about Bambi.


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DT #268, 25 September 2014 (Fatty’s Farmhouse Scrumpy)   1 comment

Fatty's House Scrumpy


The folks in Tucson
Can write their own jokes this time.
My sole comment: wheeeeeeee!

Name: Fatty’s Farmhouse Scrumpy
Type: cider
Venue: Buttercross Inn, Chippenham

Review/notes: 50 ciders to select from, many over 7% abv but none a proper session tipple.  How to choose? I went for the inane grin on the red face of the bald, round head before I even saw the name.  I should buy a lottery ticket this weekend.

Fatty's House Scrumpy box

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

Buckles, Chippenham, Chippy Challenge #87   2 comments

Buckles Chippenham bus cod

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: cod
Sides: bus fumes
Evaluation: I was shocked by how small the small cod was but it turned out to have doubled over on itself so was a fairly substantial snack in the end.  Delicious, and not just because I was exhausted, starving, and slightly buzzed from the day’s adventure in pub running.  I was still waiting when I saw my bus go by to the adjacent station, but reckoned I’d just catch the next one in 20 minutes; however, there was a queue of pensioners for the bus and I just had time to dash over and catch this one for a mobile snack as we motored out of Chippenham.
Days since last: 6 (Seafoods, Bath)

Buckles Chippenham
Map link.

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

DT #228, 16 August 2014, (Cape Nelson Shiraz Cab Sav)   5 comments

Cape Nelson Shiraz Cab Sav

Twenty point seven.
Mileage is not the problem:
Velocity is.

Name: Cape Nelson Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
Type: red wine
Venue: house

Review/notes: Shattered at the end of a longer run — and over hillier terrain — than I’ve been used to lately, I opted not to cook.  I’ll drink anything that says Nelson on the label both in honour of the fleet Admiral and the Simpsons character.

The run started in Chippenham and while setting the GPS for the day I noticed this marker for the first time despite using this station 10-15 times per year:

2014-08-16 Brunel Blue Plaque Chippenham


The GPS was tucked away (because I would feel dirty using it for navigation) and I didn’t bring a compass so I was dependent on dead reckoning and the OS map I carried.  As a result, I got turned around a bit on my way out of Chippenham and didn’t reach the Flemish Weaver pub in Corsham until I had already ticked 6 miles. Still, the day was gorgeous.


2014-08-16 route

Speaking of gorges, on the way to and from the Fox and Hounds in Colerne there were some pretty steep descents and climbs to deal with.  Colerne is a spectacular Domesday village that sits atop a high ridge and so is a cruel place to host a Hash but that is exactly what the Bristol HHH have planned.  It became my target for the long run because it allowed me to double dip with the G-Had HHH trail to overlay on the BH3 one.  Excellent.

2014-08-16 route profile


Whilst setting the G-Had part of the trail, I was stunned by the massive sloes on the full blackthorn bushes around Colerne.  This may well be the source for next year’s sloe gin.

2014-08-16 sloes in Colerne


The third stop was at the Hare and Hounds on the A4 just outside Corsham.  At this point, I was ¾ mile short of my planned distance and prepared to call it a day but the bus back to Chippenham was a 20 minute wait so I opted to run the 4½ miles back.  The A4  between Corsham and Chippenham was strewn with dozens of DVD cases for pornographic movies but very little other litter; no other comment on that, just a note.

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

The Constitution Club, Chippenham, Wiltshire   1 comment

constitution club chippenhan sign

The bus debacle left me with nearly an extra half hour to kill but I had just left the last Chippenham pub on my dance card.  Too tired from the run and four previous pints to wander the streets, I racked my weary brain for another option.  I had just read in the CAMRA newsletter I perused at the Hit or Miss that the Constitution Club was allowing CAMRA members in so I took a shot at it since it was just round the corner.

constitution club chippenhan bar

The barmaid buzzed me in and, though she knew nothing of the CAMRA card trick, said I could get a drink if I wanted.  The bar was empty and I was too filthy to go to the lounge where a couple of old-timers sat so I just had a nice, quiet Black Rat in this lovely old club.

constitution club chippenhan

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The Black Horse, Chippenham, Wiltshire   2 comments

black horse chippenham sign

I have tried to attend the Black Horse since my first visit to Chippenham several years ago but it had irregular hours and then was closed then reopened with irregular hours again then closed for refurbishment.  So, this was really the first opportunity and with 20 minutes till my bus departure I went in for a post-run cider.

The sign says ‘Good Food’ but the place is stark and I think the mention is entirely historical.  I took my Blackthorn to the large bay window to watch people as the denizens of the pub watched a football match projected on the opposite wall.  About halfway through the drink I saw my bus roll past, checked my watch, and realised I was on the from-Swindon departure schedule, not the to-Swindon one.  Shit.

black horse chippenham

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Cepen Park, Chippenham, Wiltshire   1 comment

cepen park chippenham

Normally, I would skip a house like this when there are others to add to the pub list and, in fact, I’ve bypassed this bar several times over the years.  But, at the back end of the run I fancied some fish and the chippies were all closed and the other pubs I haven’t been to before don’t serve food so the Cepen Park got the nod.

It’s what you would expect, attached to a Premier Inn motel it has the atmosphere of a chain dining facility indistinguishable from a thousand others.  But, it served it’s purpose and everyone was friendly-to-very-nice.

Hit or Miss, Kington Langley, Wiltshire   2 comments

hit or miss kington langley sign

I sat on the picnic table out front of the Hit or Miss to rest from the first leg of the run and await opening time, but one of the staff welcomed me into the warm (although I wouldn’t be served until the appointed hour).  At precisely 12, Frank, a regular, and his highly excited terrier walked in and we both were set up with pints of Doom Bar.  Frank banged on about cricket with the gregarious South African landlord…men’s and women’s internationals going on in Australia, at present.  I moved away from the bar to read a Campaign for Real Ale newsletter and give them some room.

Somehow the conversation turned from whether the women’s team had won by 8 or 9 wickets to a murder suicide in the States.  Then another, then three in one day.  Always there with a Dylan quote I interjected, “and you ask why I don’t live there?”

Great pub in such a remote location.

hit or miss kington langley

First Pub Run of Year Six   6 comments


A gorgeous Sunday mostly at my own devices resulted in a bus ride to Chippenham to hit a couple of nearby village pubs during an 8 mile run.  All the chippies I hoped for were closed Sunday, so I added in a third pub to get some lunch.  On arrival back in Chippenham I thought I had more time than I actually had before the bus home and watched the bus pass in front of pub four from behind a Blackthorn cider; this left an extra half hour in my schedule so I weaseled my way into a club for a Black Rat cider.  The pub listing is:

Hit or Miss, Kington Langley
The Jolly Huntsman, Kingston St. Michael
Cepen Park, Chippenham
The Black Horse, Chippenham
The Constitution Club, Chippenham

The run was mostly on roads but I decided to take a chance and go cross-country for a mile.  The bridleway I took up to Kingston St. Michael was more river than road:

muddy run legs

Cepen Park, Chippenham, Wiltshire, Chippy Challenge #14   2 comments

cepen park chippenham cod and chips

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: cod
Sides: chips and mushy peas
Evaluation: A bit bland, neither good nor bad enough to really make a comment about.  Just what you might expect from a middle of the road suburban pub-esque chain restaurant.
Days since last: 2, (White Horse, Oxford)
Map link.

The Sir Audley Arms, Chippenham, Wiltshire   1 comment

sir audley arms chippenham

The pub is named for Sir Audley Dallas Neeld, 3rd (and last) Baronet, High Sheriff of Wiltshire, and grandson of the 1st Baronet Neeld who founded the Conservative Club.  Most of the estate that this pub serves was part of Sir Audley’s land holdings.  I first spotted this bar on a run from Chippenham to Bath a few weeks ago and thought, then, I should add it to the list but was passing in the morning so deferred the visit.

sir audley arms chippenham inside detail

It is a huge house, deeper than it is wide, and with lots of nice internal features.  The only ale on the three taps was Theakston’s Best but it was well tended and cheap (like me!).

There were beer mats advertising UKIP’s “Save the British Pub” campaign.  I want to agree with UKIP on so many things but also I have to agree with whichever comedian who described them, last night on tele, as “the Tea Party without guns.”  They have a few grand ideas that get completely drowned in the Olympic sized pool of batshit-crazy [note: the Olympics just let an even bigger variety of bloody foreigners onto our green island and that is simply not on…harumph].

sir audley arms chippenham windows

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Reg’s Kebab and Pizza, Chippenham, Wiltshire (kpw* for Week 40)   1 comment

[*kpw = kebab per week for 2013, as noted in an earlier post and the 44th entry for the 2013 Challenge]

reg's kebab and pizza chippenham kebab

I was in Chippenham to run a few miles and hit the Sir Audley Arms, but first I wanted to make a stop at Reg’s Kebab just down the hill from Chippenham Rail Station.  The shop had been recommended by the barmaid at the Pack Horse back when the 50 Burger Challenge was still in its infancy and I have to admit she knows her food-for-drunks.

western arches blue plaque chippenham

The Western Arches, a rail bridge, is just around the corner and there was a nice place to sit, enjoy the delicacy, and watch the traffic in its shadows.  The meat had more structure than many plops of döner I’ve inflicted on myself lately and the veg was fresh and crunchy.  The entire meal weighed in at just over a pound (this was a “small”) and slowed my pace quite a bit.

reg's kebab and pizza chippenham

17 Mile Route From Chippenham to Bath   7 comments

ghad 14 shockerwick sign closeup

Two in the dust, One in the rust” was what I thought I saw on the sign pointing to a convalescent home in Shockerwick, so I decelerated on this long, steep downhill section of the run and doubled back.  The mind plays funny tricks on you, occasionally.

ghad 14 shockerwick sign

I was taking one of the remaining vacation days running out to investigate the Kennet and Avon Hash‘s trail to determine if there were any G-Had relevant pre-lay (markings other than those set after the start time of the Hash) on their trail in Batheaston later that night.  In the interim, I would be treated to stops in the village of Box (the Queen’s Head and the Northey Inn, both on the slopes adjacent to Brunel’s Box Tunnel), and later in Batheaston for a beer and a kebab before my scouting adventure.  While at the George and Dragon, I got to read an article about someone’s Big Mo’s, I think it was, in the Sun.

ghad 14 sun page 3

Indeed, there were already quite a number of suspicious markers on the grounds leading to and around Solsbury Hill including some obvious ‘checks’ on the sides of National Trust markers.  Tsk.  I’m not sure if this was likewise related to the trail-to-be:

ghad 14 beer near

The investigation finished, I found time for a stop in Larkhall and another near the Bath Spa rail station before heading home…17 miles in 2:35 (once you delete the beer and food breaks).

2013-08-21 17 mile run

The Plough, Kington Langley, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

plough kington langley

The Plough in Kington Langley makes it three Ploughs in a row, not by design but coincidence–a happy one, but a coincidence nonetheless.  I had an hour and a half to kill at the Chippenham Station and opted to get in a short run but two miles in it started raining and I took cover in this barn of a pub.  The staff were pleasant enough (the cook was reading a newspaper near the bar and she had left the kitchen doors open so that the fried goodness therein could taunt the damp, hungry interloping loper).  I had a cider from Kingstone Press which was fizzy and crisp but not especially impressive.  It was still raining when I finished this, but not nearly as hard as at its peak so I bimbled back to town for my ride home.

plough kington langley cider

The New Inn, Chippenham, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

new inn chippenham sign

The New Inn in Chippenham is probably one of the oldest pubs there.  It is small and cozy and they had a fire going on this cool spring day.  I took in a bit of racing on tele and settled into enjoying my beer with my new best friend, the largest labrador retriever in the world.

new inn chippenham fire

Some lads came in and told a sad tale of some 14-year-old that took some bad doping advice by snorting a gram of X followed by some massive dose of MeowMeow.  I get the feeling they were going to visit the dealer to adjust his user instructions; as I left, the younger fellow nodded my way and said to the older one, “maybe we shouldn’t have said all that.”  I had a bet to place, though, and no time for their amateur dramatics.

new inn chippenham

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The Brunel, Chippenham, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

brunel chippenham sign sm

There’s something reminiscent of a Tom Waits song about the Brunel on a sunny but still cold early spring afternoon.  It is a very comfortable, old , warehouse-like interior with bad service but good beer and populated by old drunks.  Very “Fumblin’ With the Blues,” or “Yesterday is Here,” or, for that matter, any alcohol soaked railroad blues.  Too bad the piped in music was such pop shite.


brunel chippenham

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The Pack Horse, Chippenham, Wiltshire   3 comments

pack horse chippenham train to skaville

I completely forgot to photograph anything in or outside of the Pack Horse after changing from my running kit having finally escaped the estate catacombs that protect the rest of the world from the Old Lane. I blame the charming landlady for getting me into a conversation about running; she runs a bit, and has done the London Marathon in the past.  And, she’s simply a bright and pleasant chat companion, the sort you hope for when you are sitting around drinking mid-afternoon on a Friday.

The bar is cool, too.  Chippenham has an active real ale movement and there wasn’t a lager to be spotted in front of the patrons bunched up at the curve in the bar where some wee risers of staircases take you into some smaller rooms and a short segment of additional bar.  This customers were potty and surreal the way old codgers should be although I suspect most are younger than me.  There were only two ales on that I noticed, Moles and Doom Bar (but what more could you ask?); they also had BOTH Black Rats: cider and perry.  There’s a big garden for better weather to come and the house is much better suited to the civilised than the Old Lane will ever hope to be (I shall return).

pack horse chippenham

The Old Lane, Chippenham, Wiltshire   1 comment

old lane chippenham sign

It was about a mile and a half from the Lysley Arms to the Old Lane, where Carlsberg was £2.35 a pint.

To be so superficially pretty inside, populated by so many pleasant subrbanites, and to exist in the midst of a fine–if somewhat sterile*–modern housing estate, the Lane embodies much of the worst of what the modern estate pub has to offer.  Here’s my visit.

I arrived at the bar and one of the employees, who was hoisting a glass or two with a couple, spied me standing there, muttered “fuckin’ ‘ell” in complete disgust, then dashed behind the bar and disappeared into the galley.  Two minutes into the resulting uncomfortable silence, the fat chick in the trio-made-two offered, “you might get noticed quicker next door.”  Not sure if she meant in another room or in the medical clinic across the car park, I looped my arm to make a broad pantomime pointing gesture toward an apparent hallway and asked, “in there?”  She repeated herself, slowly, as if ordering a Jaeger Bomb in a foreign land; to this, I answered with my original question phrased for the slow, “yes, so the other room is in there?”

At the other bar, my approach sent most of the staff scattering to hidden regimes of the building, but one very unhappy old tubbo deigned to wait me out by languidly wiping the bar with a filthy, damp cloth; 15 or 20 seconds was all she could do and, without looking my direction (that is to say, directly in front of her) she turned and rushed out to assist a table that didn’t welcome her interference at all.  I pulled my camera out, smiling at this developing comedic situation and decided to shoot a bit of the dreadful decor.  In the mirror, you can see the next character:

old lane chippenham classy

“Are you waiting?” she asked, a bit too loud and not just a little bit threateningly.

Turning slowly, I answered, “Ages, love.  Do me a Carlsburg, please.”

Oh, and to top all this shit off, the Muzak had Stevie Nicks AND the Doobie Brothers…why not just come around and kick me in the balls while you’re taking the piss?

But, the Carlsberg was £2.35.

old lane chippenham

*It reminds me a lot of Langford Village in Bicester, where we lived a happy if dull year.

The Lysley Arms, Chippenham, Wiltshire   1 comment

lysley arms chippenham sign

With a delivery slot scheduled conveniently anytime between 8 and noon, I was going to do a half day at work if the dishwasher arrived  by 10…as you can see, I wound up burning a whole vacation day (I got a few hours prep work on a group meeting talk before the appliance arrived but the day was really already shot).  To make the most of my time, I went for a run from Calne to Chippenham.  Fortunately there were stops to be found en route, the first of which was the large, old travellers’ rest the Lysley Arms.

I had a Wickwar BOB, which always makes me think of stuttering (‘b’ is a difficult consonant for a stammerer) and that always leads me to Bob in Blackadder…a smile is a smile, though, no matter how far you have to figuratively travel to acquire it.

lysley arms chippenham beer by fire

The Lysley is a sprawling pub but every room is small so you get a sense of intimacy.  Most were in for food and appeared to have travelled to get here–foot traffic, the odd [sic] runner notwithstanding, is nonexistent and will largely remain so until the trails dry a bit.  Real fires in iron stoves, exposed stonework and timbers, and friendly but not cloying staff make this a pleasure worthy of the trip.

lysley arms chippenham

Last look back at 2012 Challenge   3 comments

100beer challenge squares

The previous post was better, but I wanted to showcase the screensavers pieced together by Squeezin’ (with my gratitude for these).  The pics, in order, are

Venue Where beer #
The Princess Hotel (done around 5 am New Year’s Day)  Swindon 1
The Bank House  Cheltenham 2
At the New Year’s Races in Cheltenham (watching my nag drag in)  Cheltenham 3
Midlands Hotel  Cheltenham 4
The Queen’s Tap  Swindon 5
The Four Candles  Oxford 6
The Turf Tavern (at the sign commemorating Clinton failing to inhale there)  Oxford 7
The White Horse  Oxford 8
O’Neill’s  Oxford 9
Ellington’s  Swindon 10
The Red Lion  Oxford 11
The Gloucester Arms  Oxford 12
Eurobar  Oxford 13
The Volunteer  Faringdon 14
The Red Lion  Faringdon 15
The Bell  Faringdon 16
The Lamb and Flag  Oxford 17
The Bird and Baby  Oxford 18
Far  The Madding Crowd  Oxford 19
Southbrook Inn  Swindon 20
The White Hart  Wolvercote, Oxfordshire 21
The Red Lion  Wolvercote, Oxfordshire 22
The Plough  Oxford 23
The Gardener’s Arms  Oxford 24
The Rose and Crown  Oxford 25
TP’s  Swindon 26
The De’s Cut  Oxford 27
The King and Queen  Longcot, Oxfordshire 28
The Woodman Inn  Fernham, Oxfordshire 29
The Eagle  Little Cocks Swell, Oxfordshire 30
The Wheatsheaf  Faringdon, Oxfordshire 31
Faringdon Folly  Faringdon, Oxfordshire 32
Salisbury Cathedral  Salisbury 33
The King’s Arms  Salisbury 34
The Old Castle Pub  Salisbury 35
The keep at Old Sarum  Salisbury 36
Wheatsheaf  Lower Woodford, Wiltshire 37
Bridge Inn  Upper Woodford, Wiltshire 38
Black Horse  Great Durnford, Wiltshire 39
Wilsford Cum Lake sign (heh, heh)  Wiltshire 40
Stonehenge (really a great disappointment)  Wiltshire 41
King’s Arms  Amesbury, Wiltshire 42
George Hotel  Amesbury, Wiltshire 43
New Inn  Amesbury, Wiltshire 44
The Greyhound  Amesbury, Wiltshire 45
Royal Oak  Oxford 46
The Red Lion  Marston, Oxfordshire 47
The Angel and Greyhound  Oxford 48
The University Club  Oxford 49
The GW Hotel  Swindon 50
Jude the Obscure  Oxford 51
The Victoria  Oxford 52
The Rickety Press  Oxford 53
Wahoo Sport Bar  Oxford 54
The Oxford Retreat  Oxford 55
The Grapes  Oxford 56
The Rolleston  Swindon 57
The Baker’s Arms  Swindon 58
The Dolphin  Swindon 59
Marsh Farm Hotel  Royal Wootton Bassett 60
The Cross Keys  Royal Wootton Bassett 61
The Old School  Oxford 62
The King’s Arms  Oxford 63
The Swan and Castle  Oxford 64
The Victoria Arms  Marston, Oxfordshire 65
The Black Swan  Abingdon, Oxfordshire 66
The Blue Boar  Abingdon, Oxfordshire 67
The Bowyer Arms  Radley, Oxfordshire 68
Zen Bar  Swindon 69
Sir Daniel Arms  Swindon 70
White Hart  Lyneham, Wiltshire 71
Sodom  Wiltshire 72
The Angel  Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire 73
Cape of Good Hope  Oxford 74
Rudi’s  Swindon 75
Burn’s Day Lunch (Haggis, Neeps, Tatties, Whisky, and 2 beers)  Oxford 76
Swindon Wildcats 3, Sheffield Steeldogs 4 (SO)  Swindon 77
The Longwall  Oxford 78
The Royal George  Purton, Wiltshire 79
Riff’s Bar  Greatfield, Wiltshire 80
Magic Roundabout  Swindon 81
The Three Tuns  Wroughton 82
The Havana  Swindon 83
The Lydiard  Swindon 84
The Savoy  Swindon 85
The Brewer’s Arms  Cirencester 86
The White Horse  Woolstone 87
The College Farm  Watchfield 88
The Horse and Jockey  Ashton Keynes, Gloucestershire 89
The Vale Hotel  Cricklade 90
Goldfinger Tavern  Highworth, Wiltshire 91
The Red Lion  Northmoor, Oxfordshire 92
The Bell Inn  Standlake, Oxfordshire 93
The Maybush  Newbridge, Oxfordshire 94
The Beehive (this is about 100 yards from the house we are moving to)  Swindon 95
Baker Street  Swindon 96
Steam Railway Company Pub  Swindon 97
The Pig on the Hill  Swindon 98
Long’s Bar  Swindon 99
near Parliament, with a Cuban cigar and a bunch of dirty looks (and after 5 pub stops)  London Marathon 100
The Bear  Oxford 101
The Old Tom  Oxford 102
The Crown  Oxford 103
The Beehive  Carterton, Oxfordshire 104
The Crown Inn  Faringdon, Oxfordshire 105
Romany Inn  Bampton, Oxfordshire 106
Talbot Hotel  Bampton, Oxfordshire 107
The George Inn  Sandy Lane, Wiltshire 108
The White Hart  Calne, Wiltshire 109
The now defunct King George  Calne, Wiltshire 110
Barrington Arms  Shrivenham, Oxfordshire 111
Groves Company Inn  Swindon 112
Revolution  Swindon 113
The Plough  Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire 114
The George and Dragon  Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire 115
The Fish  Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire 116
Great Western Railway Staff Association  Didcot, Oxfordshire 117
The Prince of Wales  Didcot, Oxfordshire 118
Tap and Barrel (good read goes along with this pic)  Swindon 119
Old Town Festival  Swindon Town Gardens 120
Cock Inn  Combe, Oxfordshire 121
Three Horseshoes  Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire 122
Swindon Pride 2012  Swindon (duh) 123
Wernham Hogg’s  Slough, Berkshire 124
The Myrtle Grove  Risca, Gwent, Wales 125
The Sirhowy  Blackwood, Gwent, Wales 126
Railway Tavern  Sirhowy, Blaenau Gwent, Wales 127
The Castle  Bryn Serth, Blaenau Gwent, Wales 128
The Coach and Horses  Ashvale, Blaenau Gwent, Wales 129
Ye Olde Red Lion Hotel  Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent, Wales 130
The Tumble Inn  Pontypridd, Wales 131
The Maltster’s Arms  Pontypridd, Wales 132
Wyvern Theatre  Swindon 133
Byron’s Bar  Swindon 134
The Bear Hotel  Wantage, Oxfordshire 135
Source ot the River Thames  Kemble, Gloucestershire 136
Carpenter’s Arms  Lacock, Wiltshire 137
Mill House  Chippenham, Wiltshire 138
Sunny’s Pool Bar  Swindon 139
The Royal Oak  Marlborough, Wiltshire 140
The Lamb Inn  Marlborough, Wiltshire 141
The Crown  Marlborough, Wiltshire 142
IMS/TOF Mass Spectrometer  Oxford University 143
New Year’s Eve on Ferndale Road  Swindon 144

100beer challenge 16x9s

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