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[This pub crawl continued at https://drunkenbunny.wordpress.com/ (Please go there if you’ve gotten this far)].

An American A British (as of 14 September 2016) chemist and engineer who likes to run (as a way of seeing the sights) and who has a powerful thirst writes about the expatriate new citizen experience.

Commentary herein is generally smart-arsed and not intended to be taken too seriously.  The targeted audience are all familiar with the keeper of the blog and there are times that little or no effort will be made to make this a more universally accessible read.  On the other hand, there are from time-to-time things that might be of interest to folks that can find it within themselves to look beyond the fact that most of what is posted are photos for friends and family far away.  Among the topics to be covered with some regularity are:

1. Pubs –> Rule: one [1] pint at each or a 500 ml can outside if out of business, OR substitute 50 mL of spirits in either instance (new rule in force from pub #701 onward as winter approaches) — first visit to a pub, primarily, but also notable subsequent visits.  Note also: ‘out-of-business’ pubs are only allowed for those with a spectacular back story (new codicil as of the push a week or so before the 1000th pub).

2. Progress in the “Run Across Britain,” a long term effort to cover as many miles of roads and pedestrian rights-of-way as possible during what I hope to be a permanent stay here.

3. Strange turns of phrase that make one giggle (and other generally juvenile and/or crude humour)

4. News from UK and Europe (usually related to item 3, above)

5. European attitudes toward the US

6. Food and Drink not covered within a pub visit review

7. Architecture and History

8. Tourism

9. Anything else that strikes my fancy

Editorially, I will strike through corrections of fact and type the updated info in red.  Spelling and grammar, when I bother to make it readable, will be corrected without leaving a trail.  I’ll make an effort but most of this wouldn’t stand up in court, anyways.

Thanks for dropping by.

Privacy Policy (new as of 27 March 2012): None, on this site. If you want privacy, that is in your hands–more about that here.

Posted 2009/02/16 by Drunken Bunny

25 responses to “About 1PumpLane

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  1. fab guy

  2. Could you drop me an email, I am interested in chatting to you about what your doing. I’m in local radio. Cheers. Richard Tisdale

    Richard tisdale
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  5. Hey! I think I know you, don’t I? Drop a line when you get the chance, please. I remember when…

    Mayes Howard
  6. Hi, I discovered this blog via Beer Talk. I was particularly drawn to the photos of pub signs, a great interest of mine. So I’m going to whore my blog:


    I’m sure you’ll recognise quite a few of these!

    • Good to have a source for replacement photos if the camera I run with fails to take a shot (the screen is nackered, but it does a good job about 90% of the time). Whore away.

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  12. Hi, love your style. May I nab your photo of the bar at Red Lion Eynsham if I add a credit? You’ll probably say I needn’t ask but you *worked* for these shots …

    • Take what you want, credit or not. Most of my writing is derivative if not outright theft of intellectual property, as well, so feel free. I do.

  13. Please may I use your excellent photo of the outside of the Chequers in Beaumont Road, Headington Quarry? I’m doing a short foodie review of the Indian restaurant there for “Oxford Prospect” (online mag.).

    Graham Salter
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  15. Further to your ‘Butt Lane” Photo: ….I used to live in Butt Lane (Great Wilbraham) from around 1976 to around 1981. We lived at No 1. My dad worked for The Cambridge Cooperative society and the house was part of the job. When he left the house, it was sold to the guy who played the Italian Captain in ‘Allo allo”. Had many great days there. Further up the lane to the left is an old Viking Graveyard, said to be haunted. Over the road from Number One was the Plumb (Plum?) family. My first wife and I lodged there after we were married. My dads mother-in-law (Second wife) lived on their land in an old (Gypsy) caravan. She CLAIMED to be Clairvoyant and always said she saw Ghosts in the lane (Butt) but I DOUBTED it all the while. . My Brother was run over by a Black Taxi right outside the door, where angle End meets the High Street and Butt lane,. He was about 8 years old and was in hospital with two broken legs and a broken arm for WEEKS! Funnily enough, looking at the plae on Google Maps, the Front door has been bricked up. It was tot he right of the one you see ther e now and over it has been put a Plaque of some kind. Would be interesting to know what it says as Goggle Maps photos leave a lot to the imagination. I havent beent there since around 81, and now live in Indiana, USA. Just thought I’d share as I saw the roadsign and had flashbacks. LOL

    Ray Hitchmough
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  21. I wanted to take a moment of your time to let you know just how much I thoroughly enjoy your blog! Your posts take me back to when our family was living in Ely, Cambs … Wonderful memories to say the least! Be inspired and please take care!

  22. Shrooms and then a flight? I assume that takes balls and I commend you having a pair.
    Great blog. I just found it a few weeks ago and I check in everyday.

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