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The Endless British Pub Crawl is dead! * 


Last EBPC upload

*This is the last post on THIS blog site.  I have used up my entire allotment of media space for so this remains, as long as wordpress will allow it to, as an archive of the first 6 years (almost) of the Endless British Pub Crawl.  I also have an offline version stored (a bit more than a DVD’s worth) for shits and giggles once this archive leaves the ether.  If you are still interested in following my progress toward a) drinking in every pub in the country, b) running coast-to-coast and North-to-South, and c) becoming British (both figuratively and literally), you’ll find the Endless British Pub Crawl Continues at

This was never supposed to last this long.  When I started the blog in January 2009, I had been in Britain 5 days and thought it might be a good way to dump some photos and post some updates where a few friends back home could find them and without having to post or email them individually with items that all of them would be getting, anyway.  I thought it might last into the middle of Spring at most.  But, I found the landscape and culture too compelling (and this medium as both a diary and a newsletter too personally entertaining) to quit.  Now, it has metastasized into a sick addiction…and the few regular readers that stick with it are just perverse voyeurs (God-love-ye!).

I don’t think the writing will improve much as this continues but I will, initially at least, strive for quality in lieu of quantity.  And, more frequent knob jokes.  See you there.

* Long live the Endless British Pub Crawl!

DT #310, 6 November 2014 (Ellgood’s Cambridge Bitter)   Leave a comment

Ellgood's Cambridge Bitter


Pint of nostalgia.
Learning to drink in the fens
Although a short course.

Name: Ellgood’s Cambridge Bitter
Type: bitter
Venue: Four Candles, Oxford

Review/notes: Odd to see an Ellgood’s brew in Oxford but a welcome sight, indeed.  Brakspear could learn a thing or two about the production end of the business from these Wisbech ladies.  This beer was, indeed, bitter, but with layers of hop that maintain their individual flavours. Welcome trip down memory lane to our first year in England, back east in Cambridgeshire/East Anglia.

As this blog winds down (fear not: it will continue at Drunken Bunny), I have been meaning to look back over my old posts from the first to now and list my own personal favourites (about once per month I really knock one for six, but most of the others — like this one — are just there for duty’s sake).  This Ellgood’s pint prompted me to start and I just got through February and March of 2009.  By the time this blog fills, I should be easily through December 2014.

Ellgood's Cambridge Bitter pump

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January


300,036   1 comment

Sometime overnight the blog got hit #300,000.  Not bad considering this should only be of interest (very limited interest at that) to a dozen or so Americans.  Steady, day-to-day but it restores my faith that at least the number of clicks have fallen off this past year or so. Rest of you are a bunch of freaks.


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DT #066, 7 Mar 2014 (Black Dragon cider)   Leave a comment

Black Dragon cider

Enough is enough.
Ron Feir gives me the willies
With persistent ‘likes.’

Name: Black Dragon
Type: cider
Venue: The Fork Handles

Review/notes: This is a favourite, 7.2% abv, dry but not astringent, good apple taste, and Welsh.

I’ve gone to that guy’s web site and it seems professional and informative, well written and focused.  We have fuck all in common, so it is beginning to creep me out that he ‘likes’ everything that spews forth from this hot package in my lap.  If it is just a script, I wish he would disable it.

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

Cooper’s Arms, Pewsey, Wiltshire   2 comments

coopers arms pewsey sign

“You must be visiting every pub in Britain!”
Laughing, I replied, “yeah, that would be something to try.”

It may have been paranoia on my part — I’m always suspicious when a pub conversation indicates familiarity with this ridiculous document — but, this was the first thing out of the guy’s mouth while I was still outside having just finished taking the sign and structure photos.


coopers arms pewsey beer

Inside, I at first took my Barbus barbus (that’s a carp, ironically) to the pool room and watched some F1 coverage but I was the only punter there (the guys out front were the owner and a buddy, I think) so I drifted around the spare but inviting rooms and eventually landed back at the bar.


coopers arms pewsey drinking

Tim the tender, roughly my age or maybe a few years older, is a Canadian that has been in England since he was 14 and has a great mixture of retained far-west Canadian inflection layered over a bit of the West Country twang that has creeped in. We talked of the Pewsey Carnival, pubs in Marlborough, and the sporadic bus schedule that allowed me time for this beer break. I told him about the half marathon that just ended and that he might get some traffic from that.

“Did you compete in that?”
“Participated. At my level, only dickheads ‘compete.'”

Finished with the lovely beverage, I thanked my host. “So, time for the bus, then?”
“Not yet…I’m just gonna trundle over to the Wharf for another beer.”
“Oh, say hi to Grahame for me. He’s a foul tempered cuss.”
“No, I’m hitting the Horn, instead. And, Grahame opens early; he’s the best.”
“Yes, tell him Tim sends his regards if you see him.” Maybe next time.

coopers arms pewsey

250,000 overnight   Leave a comment

Logged off the pc with this many:

249993 hits

Back on for some coffee next morning with this:

250018 hits

Quarter of a million (plus a shitload of phishing hits); and, most of the posts have an intended audience of 7-10 people.  The net is baffling.

Over 200,000 visitors to this blog   Leave a comment


It took 34 months to reach the 100,000 mark and 12½ more months to reach 200,000 visits.  I’ve tracked this several ways, and this is the most conservative estimate (one tracker that both counts the same IP if it hits multiple times per day and is really slack about counting spam-trolls has the count over 300,000).  This is truly more evidence that the web is evil and that society is crumbling beneath the unbearable weight of our detritus.  Thanks for visiting.

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