The Green Dragon, Market Lavington, Wiltshire   1 comment

Green Dragon Market Lavington sign

It has been years since I worked in a busy restaurant or bar but when I see it done poorly it tears at my soul.

I watched with grief as the landlord of this fine establishment proved incapable of even the most rudimentary multitasking.  I entered and stepped up to get a beer when he walked away for 5 minutes and eventually returned with some cream for the folks having coffee nearby.

Two cyclists came in and tried to order a cappuccino and a tea but he couldn’t hear them above the rush of blood through his brain as he concentrated on pulling my pint.  He came around and gathered up the pub dog (whose ears I was scratching) and then disappeared into the depths of the pub; on his return he asked the cyclists, “what can I get you gentlemen?”

Amused, they repeated their order and from my vantage I could see through an access window to where he went to fix the cups, methodically and very slowly prepping the cappuccino then bringing it out then sauntering back to put the kettle on, pour the hot water on the teabag then stand there for two minutes before bringing the cuppa out, then doubling back to get some milk for the cuppa.  Flabbergasting.

He’s a nice enough fellow and he had employees trickling in that might well be competent.  Maybe he’s a financial genius or a better hotelier than publican…the house really is nicely kept and absolutely charming.


Green Dragon Market Lavington

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