Wadworth Devizes Half Marathon, 20 October 2013   3 comments

2013-10-20 devizes half marathon start

My bus arrived after the official end of check-in for the Devizes Half Marathon and just 5 minutes before the gun, so I dashed up to the back of the pack and started stripping off my warm clothing in the rain and packing it away in a backpack. Just as I got the last item zipped into the bag, the starter’s klaxon blew and we were off and the rain intensified.

It wasn’t all rain as there were two 5 minute long bursts of sunshine to taunt us before the torrents returned. To add to the joy, it hailed for about ten minutes as well and the dairy we passed at the seven mile mark provided a slurry creek for us to lose our scents (and senses) to.

marshall map for half

During one of the sunny spells we were ascending the hill just before the 6 mile marker and the dude in front of me slowed so I started to pass him when I heard this loud fart noise. I’m nothing if not immature and started to laugh. These were long, trumpeting blasts about 3 seconds in duration and occurring every 10-12 steps. The guy behind me started to pass and heard it, too: “Cor, mate, that Friday night curry isn’t setting too well.” We rounded a corner and there was a little girl with her parents; occasionally she blew a vuvuzela.

For those of you seeking a personal best, this might be the race. It is hilly and there are some muddy trails even if the farm sewage isn’t available BUT there was no chip mat at the start, just one at 7 miles and at the finish, so you could potentially treat this as a 10K. Just find a quiet stretch of road and wait for the leaders to blow past then join the crowd.

The pubs on the route don’t open until noon, so I had to double back to hit a couple after the finish. The first was the Cavalier (with a review to follow), and then the Moonrakers and finally a delicious kebab from Chick-O-Land later on to eat whilst watching the stragglers stumble in.

2013-10-20 devizes half marathon finish

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