The Boundary House, Swindon –pub #600   4 comments

A planned trip to Bath was postponed due to the threat of rain (which ruins Shakespeare in a park) and illness.  I felt fine, though, so made day 48 of the running streak a loop run uphill into Moredon and the Boundary House.  It is tempting to count this one in the list of Red Lion’s but it changed its name to Boundary House some decades back.  Anyway, it should be enough that it is pub number 600 in this journey.

Stopping in the light mist that had settled in to take these photos, some guy outside said, “they still won’t believe you.”  “What? If you think they won’t believe I ran in the rain to get a beer, then you really don’t know my people.”  He said something about knowing there was some sort of craic on when he saw me slow to a halt, but thirst and the warmth of the bar drew me in.

The place was packed just after noon and everyone had already chosen conversation partners so I was left with my 3B and some evesdropping.  One old dude was banging on about red onions and how he dearly loved them sliced and in a bowl with some vinegar; apparently this is perfect munchy food for when your drinking.  This is really worth a try, I think.

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