The Fox and Hounds, Devizes, Wiltshire (pub #1200)   2 comments

fox and hounds devizes sign

It has taken nearly 15 months to find the most recent 200 pubs (with pub number 1000 ticking over in just over 3 years 8 months and longer than it took to do the previous 400), and it might seem that the bloom is off the rose; quite the contrary, but with so many of the remaining pubs remote from where I live and work it takes a bit more effort to plan than most alcoholic trail runners are willing to put in.  As a point of reference, though, here is a simple breakdown of the Endless British Pub Crawl progress:

1200 pub chart  1201 pubs mapped

Pub #1, The Red Lion, Stretham (Ely), Cambridgeshire 19 January 2009 (first day of the Crawl, fifth day in country)
Pub #200, The Five Bells, Newmarket, Suffolk 31 July 2009 (day 193) Δt = 198 days (from immigration)
Pub #400, The SportsBar in Marylebone Station, London 30 May 2010 (day 496) Δt = 303 days
Pub #600, The Boundary House, Swindon 28 May 2011(day 859) Δt = 363 days
Pub #800, The Wheatsheaf, Lower Woodford, Wiltshire 8 January 2012 (day 1084) Δt = 225 days
Pub #1000, The Red Lion. East Chisenbury, Wiltshire 9 September 2012 (day 1329) Δt = 245 days
Pub #1200, 5 January 2014 (day 1812) Δt = 483 days

fox and hounds devizes fire

That said, I have done much worse than the Fox and Hounds in the past, though, so let’s just review the visit on its own merits and not any artifice of round numbers.  I arrived wet and cold and out-of-breath in the deathly quiet of the pub to meet two attractive waitresses bored off their tits by the slow day.  All I had to offer for relief was my awful accent and an order for a pint of Swordfish before retiring to the fire to warm my feet.  A hiking couple with a dog came along and a couple of deuces were reserved, but the pub is too nice for so little traffic…go if you can.

fox and hounds devizes

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