The Moonrakers, Devizes, Wiltshire   3 comments

moonrakers devizes sign

I estimated the Moonrakers was built in the early 30’s and asked the landlord when he returned from elsewhere with my pint of 6X. “It was built in 1928.” I said I thought right about then and he, not listening at all, went on to correct me for believing it was much older. He also was eager to say that he and the wife had put in their four years there and were looking forward to their next gig, a hotel at Lake Windermere.

“Do they have anyone to take over, then?” I asked, referring to Wadworth, the brewery that owns the Moonrakers.
“No, their going to shut down, fully renovate, and reopen as a steakhouse. Another pub bites the dust.”

Maybe that is what gives this awesome venue the smell of death, as if it was a hospice (or, in one). I finished my glass and moved on, leaving him and his lonely staff to tend to the one table of diners.

moonrakers devizes

Posted 2013/10/21 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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