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Another abysmal performance at the Thame 10K yesterday…47:24 chip time but the story might be in the gun time of 48:51 since I was still laying on the ground with a splitting headache when the other last runners were crossing the timing mats.

Saturday night, it turned out, became a real session at the house as we spent the evening finishing the bottles of wine from dinner and then making short work of a liter of vodka. I remember saying something around 2:30 a.m. about needing to get up early to drive to the race, then the next memory was crawling up the stairs–not very well either as I smacked my head on the railing–between 4:30 and 5:00. This always happens on “record night” but usually not until we sink as low as breaking out the Stones.

The drive to the race should have been a pleasure as the morning was glorious, sunny and clear and the start of the most perfect summer day one could ask.  As it was it was a misery; I couldn’t fully open my right eye without waves of nausea and there was a loud ringing in my ears.  Safely in the car park, I leaned out for the first of my tactical chunders which probably saved my race from never starting at all.

The race was full of cheerful, fit folks and I hate them all and hope they contracted a stomach bug from the water stops.  There is a special place in hell for that asshole blowing the vuvuzela on the route.  And, what was the idea behind NO pubs on the trail being open early for the race?

Toward the end, I had bunched up with several other sad bastards who had also overdone the night before.  One of these had dashed ahead of me about a mile back and then proceeded, at full gait, to lean over and vomit every 10-12 yards.  This was especially impressive and I’m sure it is a great abdominal workout, but it forced the rest of us to pass him on the left as we came into the finish.  He, myself, and the 3 other badly hungover guys all said, “never again,” as we filtered through the goodie bags looking for something with sugar in it.

Of course this was BEFORE the fact, and not like this and especially not like this:

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