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For the third year running, we spent our August Bank Holiday in Devizes (2012 edition write-up here).  Some complaints were the same old nonsense for sale in the market tents, no map to the many venues in the programme, far too many kid-oriented street performers serving the far-too-abundant children and an emcee who seemed to think saying “y’all” and “AY-MAY-ree-cans” was all that was necessary for, we assume, a Southern Belle character she repeatedly fail to pull off (and why, dear lord, why was she even trying).

Devizes Fest Delhi2Dublin 1

Dehli 2 Dublin

On the plus side, about half the street food stalls were tempting (roast pigs, jerk goat with rice, a good tapas tent) and the music was very good.  It always is.  First band we saw absolutely ruled: Dehli 2 Dublin, a fusion of Irish and Asian sounds from Vancouver.  The Japanese guy with the Slayer t-shirt and the black kilt played the hell out of the electric sitar.  They worked the crowd a bit heavily, but the music was spectacular.

Devizes Fest Diabel Cissokho 2

Diabel Cissokho and band

Later we caught Diabel Cissokho’s act, blues, rock and African mixed.  These guys ruled, too, and I had to look up this harp thing shaped like a swollen testicle and phallus; it is called a kora, and Diabel used to play this in Baaba Maal’s band (so he’s got quite a CV):

Devizes Fest Diabel Cissokho 3

The festival goes on all over town and in wandering about we found Threepenny Bit busking in the street. More traditionally Irish than the Dehli 2 Dublin group, it started to sound a bit repetitive after 20 minutes then, as we started to leave, they did a variation on the Tarantella from Carmen so we threw some coins and stayed a bit longer:


Devizes Fest Threepenny Bit busking

We were going to stay for a bit of the last band and leave when it was time to catch the last bus.  However, they finished their sound check 5 minutes after their scheduled start time and then the annoying faux Belle got up and blathered on for ten minutes (people booed her!) then we were forced to await a procession of banners that had been marched around the White Horses of Wiltshire and they took another 15 minutes to arrive.  Too late to even try the first number from “Gee Baby I Love You“, we packed up and headed for the bus.

Devizes Fest horse marchers

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