The British Lion, Devizes, Wiltshire   2 comments

People that bang on about Saving the Great British Pub usually have in mind some Ikea-ization of an ancient country inn with high-priced meals and large mark-ups on beverages.  They should have a close look at the British Lion in Devizes to see how to do it correctly.  Good ales are on and more, different ones settling and the day I went a pint of Moles Tap only set me back £2.40.  The landlady was friendly but not overly attentive and the folks that were there were intelligent and engaging.

A couple of builders came through and the landlady set out a bottle of wine for one and started pulling a pint for the other before a word was even exchanged.  The larger of the two was on his cell phone, “oh, that’s too bad but you left it too late…I’m already sat in the office.”

In the Good Beer Guide year-after-year (with good reason) and with the feel you’ve been invited into an eccentric family’s home this is what the Great British Pub should be modelled upon.

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