The Lighthouse, Oxford   6 comments

Lighthouse sign

Shithole.  Fucking yuppy shithole.  Elegant, mind you, but overpriced and with waitrons that cop an attitude.  Enjoy your empty “pub,” folks (or, should I say “cocktail bar”?).

Lighthouse Oxford cocktails

Someone should run a book on when Lighthouse goes out of business.  With the holidays on us, they will get through the New Year so I would place my wager on sometime in March or April (let’s arbitrarily say Easter Monday), possibly taking their sister (the Cowley Retreat) down with them.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour


Posted 2014/11/13 by Drunken Bunny in gambling, pubs

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6 responses to “The Lighthouse, Oxford

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  2. Having followed your journal for a couple of years, I’ve developed a theory that if a pub has a cheapskate sign that looks like it must have cost tuppence ha’penny to design then the place is almost certainly going to be a shithole to be avoided. And so it proved with The Lighthouse.

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