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The Paddock Bar, Abbey Meads Stadium, Swindon   2 comments

The Paddocks Bar Abbey Stadium Swindon

The bar is clean and the prices not too inflated for the sort of venue, but the real attraction is the crowd of punters crowding around the bookies.  I tend to just do the Totes betting on runners that look good (stats and the walk-by) until I get ahead — which rarely happens — then drop any excess on long odds with one of the bookies; but the regulars here are quite the show.  For me, it was just a place to go at the end of my own run for the day and there was a bar, free admission, and as it turned out free entertainment (hit one for 3:1 out of four races).

Dog tracks have a shitty reputation and I’m sure there are trainers that still deserve it but these pups today looked healthy and it is a joy to watch them sprint.  A few were a bit stiff in the legs but I’ve known a lot of non-racing and ex-racing greyhounds over the years and this is not atypical.  I really want one or more of these guys if we ever get a space of our own, too.

Abbey Stadium Swindon

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DT #262, 19 September 2014 (Somersby cider)   Leave a comment

Somersby cider Abbey Stadium

One at 3-to-1
While my other three greyhounds
Loped in next to last.

Name: Somersby cider
Type: cider
Venue: Abbey Stadium greyhound track, Swindon

Review/notes: Totally functional cider.  I broke even on betting after four races so two of these were my entire cost for the day…result!  Decided to walk it off and head back to the house for an early supper.  First time at the afternoon meeting, definitely not the last.

If you want any tips, feel free to ask. This is the dog I had the most faith in…came in fifth:

Abbey Stadium Swindon one of my losing dogs

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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