Music in the Cafes at Night and Revolution in the Air   1 comment

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Well, it is true that we LOOKED at a couple of houses in Montagu Street but preferred Old Town over Rodbourne as it is so much closer to the things we actually do in town.   And, the house we settled on isn’t sharp or sophisticated outside but inside works so much better for us; to mix my Bob metaphors, it seemed to say, “your débutante just knows what you need, but I know what you want.”

[Sidebar: I did a 30 minute lecture, recently, with more than 50 Bob Dylan lyrics,marked on the white board as ‘ticks’ as I progressed, peppered throughout, and only one professor from the audience came by to congratulate me on THAT point…Oxford may be grand, but it isn’t really cool.]

But, returning to the starting theme, we got a basement down the stairs.

It has been a nice run so far, I have to admit (despite obvious glitches), on Ferndale Road, and I’ll still come over for the butcher and the Italian deli, but rarely more…”when bringing her name up he speaks of a farewell kiss to me…He’s sure got a lotta gall* to be so useless and all muttering small talk at the wall while I’m in the hall….”


*Jackie doesn’t cut Jerry any slack…I love the man and the things The Family did for us chemically and, for that matter, matrimonially (probably more to do with Kleps, the guy who did our wedding, than her hatred of the Dead, but same batch, same dip).  See you kids who know us at the house, the rest schedule a meet-up at Riff’s, the Vic, the Hive or the Castle!


So, here we go…another fucking move.  Let’s try to make this one a little more permanent for awhile.

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