The Castle Inn, Swindon   8 comments

The Castle is my current favourite pub.  I walked in and felt immediately at home.  The clientele were roughly my age (μ ≈ 45, σ ≈ 8).  The conversation was intelligent but also mostly bollocks.  Three punters were working on crossword puzzles and the papers they were doing these in were the Times, the Guardian, and the Independent.

A guy walks in and says, “yeah, give us a lager, then.”  Everyone laughs at him and the tender pulls him a Doom Bar which appears to be as perfect as the one I had in front of me…crystalline, dark, perfectly settled and a delight both visually and in flavour.  Close to the top of the hill in Old Town, I hope our next house is close enough to make this our local.

Posted 2011/07/24 by Drunken Bunny in pubs

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