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[Originally, this project was described here,  and you can see the most recent prior Update (4) here]

3 April 2013:  With Jackie fighting the Lurgy I was left with a nice sunset to spend on my own and headed out into the cold to cover a few paths:

2013-04-03 ETiOT

Looming above me came the David Murray John Tower which most find ugly but I find stunningly beautiful for a modern structure.  Jasper Fforde must also find it lovely as his tribute page indicates: http://www.jasperfforde.com/swindon/7ws_1.html (note, Fforde’s England, which had George Formby as its founding father and first president, is in a parallel universe where Swindon has many such wonders).

2013-04-03 david murray john tower

The trail took me along a part of the Railway Village, a historic district of quite nice little terraces built to house some of the steam railway workers:

2013-04-03 railway village

And, as I explored some of the alleyways I came up on the back side of the Squash Club (note, the double yellow line boondoggle is just out of frame to the left and about 100 meters back on trail).  The boarded up windows fit into The Useless Window category of Thomasson:

2013-04-03 squash club

7 April 2013:  My lower back was sore and I thought a run would loosen it up but it just made muscle spasms set in.  Toward the end of the run (below), I swung into the Boots for some codeine and then the Sainsbury for some vodka…the makings of some sort of a Baudelaire shooter.

2013-04-07 ETiOT

Spring has still evaded us and the wildlife refuge that is the Radnor Street Cemetery is still bleak and, not-so-ironically, dead:

2013-04-07 radnor street cem 1 2013-04-07 radnor street cem 2

Speaking of dead, there are some nice memorial murals on the alley behind the Health Hydro.  I have no idea who this is, though:

behind health hydro 1

I don’t know why Aaliyah merits such a big wall in our town, but the top half of it is here:

behind health hydro 2

11 April 2013: With every muscle knotted and my glutes pressing on my sciatic nerve I didn’t run for a few more days until they all relaxed on their own.  Arrogant old man…I thought some hills would be “fun.”

2013-04-11 ETiOT

My first “new” path appeared next to the Church of the First Born, an alleyway that emerged next to the Prince of Wales (Satan tempts the weak, eh?).

Church of the First Born

On the way back up from the Crofts, I powered along with a running club on the way up one of their hill repeats (Swindon Harriers, I think, as this isn’t really the Shin Splints’ style).  The post run felt great for about an hour so I blew off the stretching, again.

toward bath road

19 April 2013:  The Croft hill run, above, was the last day I went without stretching for the rest of the month.  With mobility severely limited by sciatica and muscle tension I last experienced after the big wreck a couple of years ago, I opted to spend a week finding my toes, doing slow twists, and generally rehabbing the yoga way.

2013-04-19 ETiOT

One of my relative rest days included a visit to Devizes for a couple of ciders (here and here).  That was great, but I couldn’t manage the bus ride the next 1/2 mile home without a pee, and hopped off  to hit the Great Copse.  Relieved, I continued with a brisk walk to take in some Spring weather.

2013-04-19 ETiOT old rail bridge graffito

And, indeed, we really are starting to get some Spring at long last.

2013-04-19 ETiOT in woods

23 April 2013:  Ordered some new shoes to replace these when they fail on me; Saucony Ride 5’s (yes, S. Rides) should be here in a few days, but until then I’m rather enjoying the tactile feel of these nearly soleless boots.

2013-04-23 ETiOT

Although it took nearly a mile before I hit any virgin trail, I entered and exited the rail trail at points I didn’t previously know about.

climb to westlecot bridge

The loop back to the house pushed me past some sad damage to the Royal Oak on the Devizes Road side (detailed in the Swindon Advertiser here: http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/10361843.Someone_could_have_died_here/ ).

royal oak damage

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