The Clifton Inn, Swindon   7 comments

As much of a sign as I could find for the Clifton

There will be a point in 6 or 8 weeks where the training schedule will start to become a drag, but for now there is the exhilaration that this sort of structure lends to the running regimen.  My [admittedly modest] goal is to be ready to do one-and-a-half hours (or 1:40 with a pub stop and quick pint) on the brand new Oxford 1/2 Marathon course 14 weeks from now, and a similar performance on the Swindon M/2 two weeks hence.

Today’s run was an easy hour that took me down the old tramway to the town centre, up Victoria hill to Old Town then west  into the Town Gardens, through some neighbourhoods we can’t afford to live in and down a bridleway to a rails-to-trails bike path.  This followed an arc-like path westward to the old Swindon Canal and the canal dropped me back near the Eagle with 25 minutes left on my run, so I headed up the King’s Hill and thought about which Old Town pub I’d way-lay in at the top when down Clifton I spotted the Clifton Inn…downhill, Arkell’s and open: result!

The rail trail above, tow path below...or up a hill on the bridleway to Old Town a bit east from here

I stopped to do the obligatory photos, seen here, then was mocked soundly when I entered but I believe this was only because the program about the Border Agency was at a commercial break.  One guy said something about they were all saying, “cheese” for me but like a smart rat I didn’t take the bait.  “Yeah, something smells a bit cheesy, here…3B, please sir.”

The UK Borders show was back on and we watched a lorry driver get busted for smuggling over 100,000 packs of smokes hidden in a cut out section of a stack of particle board.  I had a look around and thought this was a nice sized little back street boozer, with a civilised little clientele in a neighbourhood that’s on our shortlist when we move away from the white trash currently next door.  Regardless, I shall keep this in mind for running breaks in what is becoming one of my favourite hilly parts of town.

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