Our Swindon ex-neighbours   3 comments

The answer to the question, "What's the nicest thing your neighbours ever dumped into their front garden?"

I do miss the gnome, face down on their kitchen roof. But, since the neighbours suddenly left at the end of July we have been holding off on celebrating (links to past descriptions of their behaviour can be found here).  As one of my work colleagues put it, “it’s bleak up North, and it sounds like it just got bleaker.”

They sent one of the incompetent offspring (or, at least another relative) over every so often the last month and a half to gather items which, late at night, someone else occasionally would come over and load into a vehicle.

The ducks were let out of their box every few days and visits from the RSPCA never seemed to come to anything.

But they are gone now.  Torturing new neighbours in another jurisdiction.  I have rarely been happier with someone else’s innocent misfortune.

We can probably turn off the surveillance cameras, now.

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