No Hashing in North Wilts, I guess   1 comment

I’m posting this secure in the knowledge that afterwards I will no longer be welcome at the North Wilts Hash (albeit, this post demonstrates that perhaps no one is) or, much worse, I’ll receive numerous smarmy letters describing the heroic efforts it takes to administer the website and who-the-fuck-are-you, anyway.  Wee-ing on your party is not the intention. Sorry, in advance, but on the other hand it really isn’t that important, is it? Anyway:

There is no Plough Inn in Chiseldon and the nearest one isn’t where the North Wilts Hash published it on their website (note: Kitkat wrote to say they got 86’ed from the Plough and moved over to the Patriots at the last moment so even good info would have been bad).  There is a link for an information email address, but they didn’t answer a request for clarity vis :

SU: Plough Chiseldon hash start 18 Sept?

DA Saturday, 17 September, 2011 17:30


I know you don’t answer emails and all that (shit, you barely bother to update the web calendar), but please make an exception this time as I am running to and from the start from Ferndale Road…

My query: Is the Plough near where it is marked on your map or is it actually the one in Marlborough Road a bit closer to Badbury (where the guy 4 times the legal driving limit drove into a bunch of parked cars after a shiteload of Guinness recently…justifying the name “Plow in”)?



Perhaps the tone caused offense and so no one deemed it worthy of an answer, but in July they didn’t even bother to list the location of the hash on the 24th (which I also sought info about)…I even checked a few minutes before the start time and still no listing:

SU: 24 july hash?

DA: Saturday, 23 July, 2011 22:03
Where is the hash tomorrow (I’m not due at the Winehouse inquest before Wednesday, dontchaknow).



Some kennels just don’t want new blood.  Kennet Valley HHH and Kennet and Avon HHH aren’t too far though, and there’s always Oxford.  I’ve been getting less-and-less out of hashing since moving to England, anyway…

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