Lloyd Cole at the Subscription Rooms, Stroud, Gloucestershire   3 comments

subscription rooms stroud lloyd cole 2014-04-10

A lot of shows disappoint, but occasionally you stumble into one that exceeds all your expectations.

Granted, I didn’t expect much.  I loved Lloyd Cole’s first record to hit big in the States (Rattlesnakes), and subsequent material was pleasant enough.  But, I really hadn’t paid much attention in the ensuing quarter century.  So, when he walked onto the stage and started playing without introduction or opening act I was a bit surprised.

And, rivetted.  Two songs in and I was so glad we made the trip to Stroud.  Then, it turned out he was really funny, too.  Very dry, but truly hilarious.  And, self-effacing, as it turns out (the Daily Haiku is almost verbatim from his banter).

And, in following a theme of the day for me (see my review of the Greyhound loos from today’s lunch stop), he seemed obsessed with urinals (it turns out that Stroud has some famous ones he desired inspecting before leaving town).

If you get a chance, especially in a small venue, go see him.  Better with a Brit audience, but he’s an American (sort of) now so if you don’t live near a good golf course in Britain you might have to suffer the hoots and hollers of a Septic audience.

subscription rooms stroud usa flag

For some reason, the Stars and Stripes were projected on the back wall during the show…spooky.

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3 responses to “Lloyd Cole at the Subscription Rooms, Stroud, Gloucestershire

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