The Greyhound, Besselsleigh, Oxfordshire   5 comments

Having missed my stop in Cumnor, I opted to strat my run at the next bus stop which turned out to be way out the A420 in Besselsleigh.  No problem, though: The Greyhound was there to take care of me! It is a big house and appears to be geared toward food, and from the clean lines (not antiseptic at all, but very attractive and functional at the same time) I got the feeling you could drop a wad on a meal here and feel like you got a bargain.  The menu was tempting (busy day at work meant lunch was an apple and a can of OJ), but I never would have gotten out for a run with a plate of haddock in my tum.

Perusing the line of ale taps (at least 6 were on), I opted for the Holden’s Burton Runner simply because of the name.  It was quite refreshing, crisp in spite of being a little cloudy.  The entire staff–manager, assistant, bartender, and wait–appeared to be women (this does not seem to be the case on their web page, but I’m judging by my visit), and quite attentive as well…a little something for the feminists, a little something for their lecherous hubbies.

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