The Four Candles, Oxford, Chippy Challenge #3   5 comments

fish and chips four candles

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details (there was a recent update that might both clarify the mission and confuse things).]

Fish: cod
Sides: chips and garden peas (see below)
Evaluation: Surprisingly good.  Wetherspoons pubs do cheap drink and mid-quality but very cheap food.  You don’t look forward to a ‘Spoons feast, but at least you know what to expect anywhere in the country.
Days since last: 1, (Mediterranean Fish Bar)
Map link.

The Four Candles is my first pub fish and chips on the challenge and my third cod in as many days (I wonder how long I can keep this pace).  The pub is named for a Two Ronnies sketch; Ronnie Barker attended secondary school in the building which is yet another example of how Wetherspoons reclaims and preserves local architecture for the populace.  In the sketch, a vendor and client miscommunicate throughout; the staff, today at least, seemed to take historic preservation to heart:

Me: “I’ll have the fish and chips special, please”
Bartender: “Which table is that, sir?”
Me: “15”
B: “Right, table 18 it is.”
Me: “No, 15.”
B: “Oh, terribly sorry. I thought you said 16. What would you like to drink with this?”
Me: “Foster’s, please.”
B: “You can have Smith’s, Carling, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Guinness, Strongbow, Ruddles, Foster’s, or Beck’s.”
Me: “Ooooh, so many to choose from. I’ll go wild and have a Foster’s, please.”
B: “Didn’t you just say you want a Foster’s.”
Me: “I repeat myself a lot. I’m old.”
B: “No worries, sir. And, with the fish would you prefer garden- or mushy-peas.”
Me: “Yum. Mushy, please.”

I paid up and went to table 15 and kept an eye out on tables 13-19 just in case.

Mushy peas, for those that aren’t familiar with them, are a delight when done right…sort of like mashed potatoes when they are done right. They should be bright green and, of course, mushy. The garden peas were tasty, though (see the photo).

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