Great Bustard Five, 20 July 2013   7 comments


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great bustard finish

In town for the Great Bustard 5 Mile Race, I left the Crown Inn at about 3 minutes till 4 because I wanted to see if the last pair of guys was really going to avoid eye contact the full duration while standing uncomfortably at the end of the garden table I occupied (dickheads).  So, I was running full speed to the Pewsey Vale School, looking for the check-in desk, and then pinning my number on whilst trotting to the start which happened as I turned to the front of the starting line.  Catching my breath before joining the pack of about 70 runners, I realised the pints on the day were taking their toll–excellent.

It was hot and sunny and humid and the roadsides were lush.  I couldn’t have asked for better conditions and I used the first mile or so to gain my bearings (we crossed the Kennet and Avon Canal at a familiar bridge) and then slowly picked off those ahead of me for most of the second mile before settling into a leisurely pace that kept me ahead of all I had passed (although I only moved up a few more places as some folks, struggling with the heat, dropped off) and brought me in at 4th in age group.

There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.  And, the finishing prize was a local beer.

great bustard 5 at about mile one

7 responses to “Great Bustard Five, 20 July 2013

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  4. Pewsey Vale Running Club organise some great events (I enjoyed the Bluebell Run earlier in the year, nice course and delicious cake at the end). Annoyingly I seem to have missed noticing this run completely – I hope it’s an annual event so I can enter it next year.

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