The Dumb Post, Bremhill, Wiltshire   4 comments

Dumb Post Inn sign


I took an instant and unwarranted dislike to the Dumb Post but soon overcame that.  I don’t know what bugged me about it but I had this immediate and overwhelming impression that it would be full of pretentious assholes.  As it turned out, I was probably the only one…apologies to all.

I took my pint of Moles out to the porch to air out a bit (as mentioned before, I smelled a bit ripe from the run and the route) and settled into a chair looking out over the hills between Calne and Chippenham lit by a mid-afternoon sun and contrasted against foreboding clouds.  The house dog came by and kept me company and eventually the Best Man of a wedding party (that was en route) ambled up for a brief chat.

The bar and setting really are lovely.  I have given really snarky reviews to pubs that didn’t deserve it in the past because of snap judgements on my part.  I’m glad the charm of the Post overcame my initial feelings.

Dumb Post Inn


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