Traveler’s Joy, Northwood, Isle of Wight   3 comments

Traveler's Joy Northwood sign

After the Off the Rails, there was a long drought in the pub crawl / marathon that lasted the next 13 miles or so. Near the top of the dreaded long hill into Cowes the Traveller’s Joy emerged on my right and I zipped in for some nourishment finding a large line-up of ales on tap to choose from.

Traveler's Joy Northwood bar

There were a bunch of jokers at the bar who kept me entertained while I polished off a pint of Squirrel (my pronunciation of which amused the landlady no end…which is to say my CORRECT pronunciation of it as ‘skwerl’ like they do it in the Deep South and not ‘skweer-ehr-rel’ like the local protagonists of the Queen’s English would have it).

Anyway, the race was nearly done and a glance at my watch showed me I shouldn’t linger lest I blow my planned four-hour and 26 mile pub crawl finishing time.

Traveler's Joy Northwood

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