Be vewy quiet…I’m cooking wabbits!   2 comments

rabbit and elmer fudd

Weekend cooking…pure joy, especially when the butcher is stocking game. But, I can’t cook rabbit without channeling Elmer Fudd: “Tonight we’we having a dewicious fwicassee of wabbit with wosemawy, cawwots, cewewy and wed peppews. Huhuhuhuhuhuh!”

rabbit fricassee with white wine and herbs

The bunny is sectioned and soaked in a cup each of water and rice wine vinegar along with three tablespoons salt; after three or four hours, dry the pieces and brown in oil and bacon fat then set aside while a cup each onion, carrots, and celery are browned in the same pan. Pour off the excess oil and deglaze with a large glass of white wine then add the bunny parts back in with some rosemary, basil, and sage and a can of tomatoes (and the juice). Stir then cover to simmer at lowest heat for an hour and a half. Awesome.

rosemary by radio wiltshire

The guinea fowl leftover from our Thanksgiving cancellation was thawed the next day so, on the way to pick up my Sunday paper, I snapped a sprig of rosemary off an enormous bush in a neighbour’s front garden. There is little that needs to be done for guinea fowl, so I did little…especially since we were out of bacon to moisten the top. Instead, it got half a lemon stuffed into its salted interior along with the rosemary and some butter and crushed garlic larded under its breast skin before baking at 200 C for 15 minutes and 175 C for as long as I could stand to wait. Standard dressing, buttery asparagus, and copious quantities of wine accompanied it.

And, we’ve still got venison in the fridge for later in the week!

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