Bees In The Wall, Whittlesford, Cambs   Leave a comment

The Bees in the Wall is a nice roadside tavern that I get the feeling was a coaching inn in days past.  I read about it in the Good Beer Guide a few months ago (there really are bees in the wall, but they aren’t very active when the outside temperature is a little below freezing), but I have also seen reviews that the staff is surly and the service poor.  Don’t believe it!

Shrine to hops and football, I think

I was poured a beautiful pint of Henry’s IPA not thirty seconds after I opened the door to the Public Bar (the Lounge/Dining section was packed with folks finishing a late lunch).  Because of my ridiciulous attire (sweat pants and a long sleeve tee shirt in this blistering cold, and sweat and steam pouring from my head at that), I wound up having a helpful conversation about the other pubs I wanted to hit on this run and the best routes to use considering the snow and ice.

Whittlesford is a bit remote, but if you do find yourself down this part of the county you could do worse than dropping in here.

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