DT #222, 10 August 2014 (Corncrake Ale)   1 comment

Corncrake Ale King of Wessex Bath


An hour to London.
Pleasant, but what about the
Depressing ride back?

Name: Corncrake Ale
Type: bitter
Venue: King of Wessex, Bath, Somerset

Review/notes: I went to Bath Spa today for a G-Had HHH trail versus the North Wilts Hash. However, today’s Haiku relates to another short trip.

Last night, an acquaintance from the depths of time made overtures that Jax and I might meet up with her and her’s during their upcoming trip to London. On the train to Bath, I became convinced that I made the right decision to beg off this invitation: except for a few shared experiences three decades ago we really have nothing in common (even though, since raising my head above the parapet, I have found her little blog entertaining enough as well as comforting that sometimes very little in this world changes).

The bad thing about reunions, though, are the expectations that inevitably are dashed during the meet-up (which almost always is finished long before it ends). It may seem selfish that I am sparing myself an uncomfortable hour-long train ride; bear in mind, I am sparing her the same misery on a twelve-hour journey back to L.A.

You’re welcome.

Corncrake Ale King of Wessex Bath pump

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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