The Rose and Crown, Bulford, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

Rose and Crown Bulford sign


It was meant to be a rest day from the marathon ramp up but duty called me to the Bulford Barracks to wreak havoc on potential Hashing trails, this time versus the Wilton Hash House Harriers with whom I have no prior quarrel nor, indeed, any knowledge of except that they do not lay live trails and they occasionally cross bus routes I can reach from home…and, they were using a pub I had not yet been to, the Rose and Crown.

Bulford Camp gunnery range

The architecture of the pub is red brick and flint which is more striking than the photograph shows.  It is a big house and bears a plaque commemorating the Canadian paratroops billeted here during WWII.  The run was slow going after yesterday’s 15 mile slog but I found likely shiggy as well as easier footpaths into the gunnery fields.

Rose and Crown Bulford Canadian paratroop plaque

I had to hurry after the run so only refreshed with a pint of Thatcher’s cider; the original plan was to chase down a squaddie bar at the other end of the encampment but it seems to have been replaced by a hair salon or an Indian takeaway (or my map was wrong).  Even if it had turned up, it may not have been open before noon, either, but it was with this dashing of great hopes that I returned to the R&C.  The pair running the Rose seemed fairly nice in our brief encounter, though; still, with a bus to catch at 1pm I lit out toward the Plough shortly.

Rose and Crown Bulford

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