The Red Lion, Southampton   6 comments

Red Lion Southampton

Most of you know this scene from Henry V wherein a plot to murder our dear King Harry is uncovered nearly on the eve of the invasion of France and the villains brought swiftly to justice.  Let me quote the words of Exeter, as the Bard would have them:

—I arrest thee of high treason, by the name of Richard, Earl of Cambridge.
—I arrest thee of high treason, by the name of Henry, Lord Scroop of Masham.
—I arrest thee of high treason, by the name of Thomas Grey, knight, of Northumberland.

When I say justice was swift, think of this…the plot was revealed to our Hal on 31 July, the trial held, and the condemned were beheaded on the 2nd of August (Grey) and 5th of August (the other two). And, today I am drinking a pint of Flack’s Double Drop in the Red Lion in the same room the trial of these would be assassins took place.

Red Lion Southampton 2

Red Lion Southampton 1

I awoke this morning remarkably ill having developed an upper respiratory infection that left me with no equilibrium, nausea, a raging fever and a headache just this side of a migraine. A handful of codeine before the train journey (too late to back out of the trip now) helped me suffer the walk to the pub and I took a few pictures along the route which included the Bargate outside of which the executions took place.  Here is the city-side of the gate:

Bargate inside Southampton

and the Quay-side:

Bargate outside Southampton

Originally, while I was scouting a route from the train to the Town Quay, I spotted the pub on Google maps and thought it looked like a better than average (albeit touristy) mock Tudor house only to find that it isn’t mock at all.

The publican was a real gent, serving me even though I was early and made him repeat everything he said because my ears were still suffering as my sinuses slowly equilibrated.  The music was a mix of the Ramones and Sly and the Family Stone and very suitable to my state of mind.

But, soon enough the tourism side trip was over and I had to head off to my boat.  Once more unto the breach, I reckon.

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