The Dog and Duck, Linton, Cambridgeshire   3 comments

[Note: on our last evening out in Cambridgeshire before our move to Bicester we stopped in at the Dog and Duck to have a couple drinks, some delicious food (although we arrived too late for the Wild Boar pate) and to drop off the puzzle]

Linton is a strange little village to come into from a run down the Roman road that stretches northwest-to-southeast and lies a little to the north of town (and a little to the south of Fulbourn, where I started this trot).  The Roman road–more of a track anymore but nice hiking/running/biking material–is dead straight for miles as was typical of the Romans, whilst the streets of Linton are all medieval curves and higglety-pigglety and disorienting to a casual visitor (the English say, “disorientating,” but I haven’t got the hang of the language, yet).  I eventually came out on the High Street and spotted a pub sign down the hill and headed toward it.

I’ve never been to Linton before, but the pub seemed strangely familiar from a distance.  Up close, it finally struck me that it was the Dog and Duck pub featured in the jigsaw puzzle we completed on Christmas Eve to clear the dining room table for the feast to come.  We have been using the photo of the puzzle, at top, as the computer desktop for the past week or so.  I had to go in.

The bar was busy and I had time to remove the back pack full of dry clothing and look around before ordering a pint of Abbot and intercolating myself into a friendly conversation on scotch and the relative merits of mixers for other fine liquors.

The pub has a big dining room and boasts a fine Italian menu that I hope to try before we leave East Anglia (Jamie likes the Roman road walk so an early start might give us a weekend lunch stop here).  The back garden lies on the River Granta and looks inviting if it was better/warmer weather.

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